how much to ask for...

hey you guys, how much should i ask for a design of only a logo? I’m just a student but i deliver pretty good work dough…

i live in belgium, antwerp

Really depends on the project, client, your skills, etc.

Quickie crap “custom” logos can be had on the net for less than $100 (just google logo design).

A top consultancy firm that will go through an entire branding process could charge upwards of $10,000 for a logo.

It really depends what you are bringing to the project and also what the client is ultimately willing to pay. If you designed a new logo for Intel, Im sure you would be able to charge more than a logo for Al’s Plumming.

Best bet is to work out how long you think it would take you after speaking to the client to hear what he wants re:services, then decide a fair hourly rate for yourself, add a little fudge factor and present a proposal. You will quickly be able to determine if the amount if fair by the reaction from the client and can work out something that makes you both happy.

If you are just starting, and looking to add to your portfolio, also keep in mind the work is more to yoru benefit that the money and getting experience helps. Better to not overcharge and get yourself a good portfolio peice and reference than to make a super high quote and not get the project.

Esp. if you are just doing it in your spare time, so your time is not really worth anything (that is, its not taking away from another source of income you would be making if you didnt do this project.).

Hope this helps,