How much should I pay for an illustration work?


I have an illustration work that need to be completed asap and I am in the process of looking for some help. As I prefer to deal directly with the illustrator, I would like to find out what is the rate that I would be expecting to pay. I already have a rough sketch, but I need someone to help me complete the job with colours and details.

Thank you.

Get some quotes from some illustrators. Its very difficult to know the true scope of the project without seeing what you have, what style you need, size, media, etc.

you can find all price guidelines on te Association of Illustrators website

I think it is under documents.

hope that helps

A “Rough Sketch” of what you want ehh? I bet all Art/Design people love to here that!!!

I would say you should expect to be charged a very similar amount of money that you would expect to be paid for time out of your life.

Anything less then 50 - 70 an hour would be an insult.

Support your local illustrator.