How much should I expect for the hr pay of illustrator job?

I just got a freelance work for drawing illustraors for a children’s book. I have no idea how much should I ask for , so i am coming to ask if anyone can help me out.

1-Basically I use 2D softwares like photoshop and Alias sketchbook;
2-The client is a school, they want to print the book instead of publish it (they only need limited amount of the books), so I guess there would be some difference on the payment;
3-Besides drawing, I need to work on the layout too.

They told me their budget is tight, I am wondering how much should I ask for the payment based on hourly?

Give them a set price.

Is 1kg of cotton lighter than 1kg of iron? I charge same hourly irrespective of 2d, 3d or sketchD. Time is money and my time is precious. You owe me $10 for posting this reply. Pay up! :smiley:

Maybe that was not relevant to your question? Charge them same as you charge for other projects hourly. Or just ask them what their max budget for the whole project is and work from there.