>>>>>>How much should I charge. Urgent HEL

I have to give quote for a project. I have to design the casing for a hearing device something like this-


It’s a small product around 9cm x 3 x5.5cm. There are no buttons involved. Just the case design

I have to develope -

6 highly creative concepts (no engineering or machining)

  • 6 foam models of the concept.

How much should I charge? It’s for a medium sized company.

Please give me some idea. I don’t want to charge too less or too much!!!

Oh! I am in US and it’s for a US company.

Anyone, someone??? Please

Figure out how long that you think it will take you in hours. Then choose your hourly rate - most likely between $25 and $50 for an inexperienced freelancer. Multiply those two numbers, and then double that figure to be safe.

As you do more, you will learn more about how to price your services!

Best of luck.

I am experienced. Just was working full time and not aware of $$$
Could you give me a figure? I was thinking $8500. Is that too much?

8K? R u f----ing nuts? If you got experience figure how long that would take you on a regular job 9-5 and multiply by something like $50/hr since it’s like a first-year design school project, not much head cracking there.

Looking at it, I’d have quoted bout $2K max! Just be clear in writing about the actual deliverables and deadline. Get 1/3 upfront, if they refuse they can stick it elsewhere, that earbud.

Got it!!! OK to $7000 :wink:

slightly more than i would have asked, but a fair amount. could easily be 2 weeks work for a professional effort imo. hope all goes well.

Look I had nothing to loose. I was thinking of doing it for 2k but then I thought it’s not worth my time. So I cam to 6.5k actually :wink:
I calculated 7k and then said that because they are 1st time client I will them some discount :slight_smile:

Look I had nothing to loose. I was thinking of doing it for 2k but then I thought it’s not worth my time. So I came to 6.5k actually :wink:
I calculated 7k and then said that because they are 1st time client I will them some discount :slight_smile:


Congrats! It’s always good to get paid to design…

Unfortunatley I read your posting too late, but hope this will help others.

My company had a very simiar project and deliverables about a year ago. We received bid from US firms and individual freelancers and an Indian firm. The US firms were not the big one I would call them 2nd tier both the firms and freelancers charged from $15,000 to $35,000.

The Indian firm was asking for $5,700. I wished I had answered earlier because I feel you undercharged for as an US designer or you can think of it this way you were as competetive with the oversea outsourcing which is happening regulary now.

Anyway we hired the freelancer and settled on $12,000.

for me thats good to hear. thanks for passing that on.

No engineering, no innovation, no materials research, no mandate to “break the mold”, just a couple more form studies … Bet choosing colors will be the real challenge here.

To all of you happy to rip off a credulous client with more money than brains - it will only come back to bite you. Reading here figures like 12K, 15K for b/s “design” projects like this just ensures more design work will flow even faster to those countries you all bitch about.

You can only take someone for a ride so many times, eventually they come to understand how much real sweat, technical skills and true ingenuity they are getting for their dollar. And guess what, they will tell others and eventually find out the Chinese moldmaker has his own on-staff designer who would have done the same for a fraction of the cost, only faster.

What’s more, keeping product design such an expensive luxury few firms can afford locally guarantees proportionally fewer and fewer ID graduates will ever have any steady work in this field in the years to come. And the evidence of that happening is in already.

Shame on you people for applauding such ignorant greed and (unjustified) individual profit at the expense of the future of the entire profession. ID graduates a decade from now will have you here to thank.

Gaining professional respect (and lifelong work) is never achieved this way.

Please get off your soap boy. I posted the original image to give the rough size of the product. That product has nothing to do with my project.

You did not expect me to post the real address of the company and the actuall product did you???

I am not overcharging them!!! Plus my design is not a square!!! It has lot of form and intelligence.
I am round about breaking even with a slight profit. We are allowed to make profit aren’t we?

Regarding Indian, chinese firms…hmmm!!! I know a thing or two. It is not all roses :wink:

i think you quoted a decent price. dont bother defending yourself to anonymous know-it-alls.

I would not worry about loosing work to India,anything that is going over there is work that American designers shouldnt be doing.If you cant convince
a client that your worth 7k for that amount of work then you shouldnt be out there selling yourself.Most customers at this piont understand why they should be using high quality domestic firms if they desire high quality results.2k worth of effort on a job like that is doing the client and the design
profession a dissrvice.

Ah, the arrogance of youth.

Yeah, sorry to offend, thanks for doing design (not yourself) this great service. Sure you’re barely covering your freelance “expenses” - rent, liability insurance, employees, machine shop and all.

ykh, I’m disappointed in you here, thought you more of a tree-shaker than a good soldier …

i would have done it for $6500. :slight_smile: