how much should i be earning as a product designer in italy?


i need some advise on how much is the entry level salary for a graduate industrial designer in italy, working full time for a consultancy.


i have friends working there (Milan) and the salaries are very different. Mainly i guess it depends on WHERE you work. If you work for a designer in his office the salary can be from nothing, 400 euros or something more… If you work for an international company located there, you might expect something like 800 euros… if you are super lucky then i would imagine something like 1200…

Milan is not the best place for a designer in terms of sallary, and that’s why many foreign graduate student only work there for 1-3 years and then leave the city…

good luck!

I am accepted by Polictecnico di milano ,
and will go to study industrial design there in july
400 --month?
in china,as a junior can find a job with 4000RMB

no, the less monthly wage must be 1200 euros…

No, the wages are as meager as stated above.

From virtualy nothing “bead + breakfast”
up to a normal income of around 1500€.

One can´t live of that. But for enough pipl
it´s worth living their dream of being a designer
in italy…