how much should i ask for my internship in Amsterdam?

Don’t expect more than the bare minimum. As long as you can pay rent, bills, food, then your good. It all depends on how much your rent is, work that out and then work out what you can live on. So say your rent is 400 euros a month, and say you can live on 50-100 euros a week its easy enough to work out a rough estimate. Though I’m not sure what cost of living is like in Amsterdam.

hot designer+ small studio = little to no pay

in nyc, most hot studios pay for transportation (metro card) and lunch. That’s it.

Europe might be different though…

The_Boogey_man is about right on the cost.

Problem getting an appartment/room in the west of the Netherlands.
Amsterdam and Utrecht era the worst other Uni-cities are not mush better.
There are very long waiting lists

If you are here for a few months there is a posibility of quick/short rent. but then the prices go up really fast.

I understand you do not line in the Netherlands…China it says under your name.
You should make them clear what the situation is.

You may ask them to arrange your housing (as they have more connections).

Also think of getting your Visa.

By the way what is the name of the office? Only if you want to give it.


if you do meet Satyendra, tell him that his website is complety freaking out in firefox on my macbook…

kikio5 seems we’re in the same boat, i too got an intership in Satyendra’s studio although i’m still waiting for more details so i can make the necessary arrangements. Tell me, have you started your internship yet? how is it going? and how was the house hunt in amsterdam? i’ve been there two weeks ago for the interview and from what i’ve seen of the studio and from what i talked with satyendra it really seemed like every designer dream studio!