How much school ? how much are jobs paying ?

Hello everyone

Im a ID student about a little under a year left , Im trying to figure out if its worth going for a masters and how much money im looking to make when I get out of school ?
I have been asking around without getting any solid answers

Thanks Matt

I’ve Been considering my education track lately too, and i think there should be more reason than just increasing possible future income for going to grad school, at least for going to design grad school. Try coming up with a letter of intent… that will give you a good idea… as far as salaries go theres a good chunck of data on from 2007; the salary survey.
best of luck

there really are no clear-cut answers to offer - ID really is a meritocracy.
if your talented and passionate, can think on your feet - and a fast learner then, the sky’s the limit. school can give you a boost, but it’s not a way to leapfrog several years of real experience.

youv’e got to know your limits, and figure out where your school lacks filling your needs, and then go out on your own and learn.

I can’t really say much. But this is what I’ve heard so far…

You should get out into the industry first and establish yourself as a designer. Understand business outside of school. Once you do that, then go for your masters. It will be more relevant and once you obtain your MBA WITH work experience. You will be more valuable to prospective employers.

So with that said. I’m looking to go for my MBA this year after spending about 6-7 years in the working enviroment.