How much longer do I have to wait....

I graduated about a year ago and moved here Bay area.

Since I don’t know anybody here, I have e-mailed all the companies in CA since this March.
I havn’t been able to find any job or even any internship.
I heard Economy being still rough but it’s really tough to get through.

I am getting very discouraged and don’t know where to start.
I am talented, focused, hard worker and I know that the company will be happy to have me once I put my foot in the door… but how can I let them know that? How much longer do I have to wait?

Following is my sample link and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Please help me…

everybody is talented, focused, and works hard.

-Think about what makes you different in how you approach a problem- that may be a place to start.

You need to show process. Maybe you have booklets or more information you’re not showing on your coroflot - that better describes your product.

I’d also work more on why your products look the way they do. Everything needs a reason - right now most of your sketches look arbitrary.

The Bay area is a highly competitive job market. It’s also a costly place to live. Considering you’ve already made the move - I’d try reworking your portfolio and staying persistent - something is bound to turn up eventually.

Good luck.

Its rough out there, thats for sure. I’ve had a lot of friends go out recently looking for work only to find nothing and I’m in middle America.

July 29th is my last day as an Industrial Designer with my current employer. I’ve been working for several years now and just can’t do it anymore. My heart isn’t in it. I’m leaving to pursue other things, business, maybe even the military.

Take a long look at what it is that you really want to do. If design is your passion and something that you can see yourself doing no matter what, then I say stick with it. It can be rough and hard to break through but you’ll make it if its really what you want.

I would start by getting to know some people since that seems to be one of your current problems. Networking can mean everything. As someone who has helped in the hiring process at my current employer, I can tell you that there are a lot of jobs that never get posted on Coroflot, Monster, Career Builder, or any of the many other job sites. They go through word of mouth and personal recommendations - you need to start securing those leads for yourself. Get people to recognize and believe in your skills. Never doubt yourself, never put down your own work, never stop.

Whats up mmjohns? Why are you quitting? You sound like a smart person, so there must be a pretty good reason. What didn’t you like about your job? I probably should just email you but oh well. Let us know what you decide to do. So who has your spot :wink:

Ralph, Thank you for your response, It’s great to hear some voices from ‘outer world’ :open_mouth: Great advice,
I will update them as your advice…

Which is better to have as a sample project?
A few different pages from seperate projects (like a sampler) or show one whole project from the start to finish?

Thanks a bunch for encouragement, I started to see a ‘Hope’ :wink:

I appreciate your sincere response. I did think about this is what I really want to do a while ago (the day I was very low) and realized that I want to design all the way to my death bed.
I am aware of the power of network. Great to hear from someone else to back it up. Thanks again and wish you best luck on your new career.

I just graduated too. But I have gotten some interviews by calling the human resources department of companies and sending my portfolio there. Email is not enough. You have to damm near be a stalker. But I have only been looking for a month.[/u][/quote]

A stalker :astonished: … It seems I wasn’t agressive enough… I didn’t want to get offend the companies but I will take your advice as well. :smiling_imp:
Did you send your samples attention to general HR department or find out the specific person in the HR department?
When I call the companies to find out who I should send my samples, they don’t give me contact person’s name.


I think your portfolio shows great skill but a serious lack of creativity. All you’re showing is styling around technology. It’s really boring to tell you the truth. Keep plugging away!

I left my good pieces in the portfolio for surprise… Maybe I should include some good ideation pieces in sample sets…
Thank you for your honest comments really…I am glad to hear that my skill shows potential…

Don’t give up !
Make a career switch like selling chicken rice, but you still can apply the same creative principles like chicken rice with variaty of choices eg: chicken rice without chicken.

good luck !

What are you trying to say?

I like design ,I want talk about it with all ma friends.
If you like ,we can do alll the time.

First of all, learn how to post a link that works.

If I were you I’d move out of SF area. It was a big mistake for you to move there, esp with the high cost of living, fierce competition, and Holier-than-thou consultancies. Even talented people with 3-5 yrs of ID experience have trouble finding a job in CA, and when they do, they take a paycut.

California is all smoke and mirrors. Dont be drawn to by all its glitter.

I would move wherever I can get the work opportunity…
Where would you recommend?