How much literal falsity do you see?

Will Not Change Wording Despite Court Injunction

CINCINNATI ( – Gillette Co. says it can and will continue to claim that its vibrating M3 Power razor “stimulates hair up and away from skin” despite an injunction by a U.S. District Court earlier this week, ordering it to stop using an animation that shows the razor changing the angle of hair, a spokeswoman said.

Current TV ads haven’t included either claim, but packaging can and will continue to carry the “up and away” word claim, which the court found unconvincing and unsupported by Gillette research but also concluded was not proved false by Energizer Holdings’ Schick unit in its lawsuit against Gillette.

No finding of literal falsity
“While there can be no finding of literal falsity with respect to Gillette’s hair extension claim at this stage in the instant litigation, the court expresses doubt about that claim,” the ruling said. “As described earlier, Gillette’s own testing is suspect.”


I’ve seen companies play this game. How bad is it? You peeps seeing alot of it too?