how much is tuition of Domus Academy?

hi everyone:
I was wondering if anyone knows how much is the tuition for Domus Academy, I want to make sure I could afford it before I apply =)
thanks anyone


if you visit their web site you will get the information you ask. If you have further questions just send an email to them. They always reply. Also you can download the brochure of the course you are interested in (it’s very detailed!)

the tuition fee for non european citizens is 17.000 euros + 20% VAT

also, they colaborate with companies such as Breil, Swarovski and others so i guess you can do some jewllery.

Domus was the most inspiring place i have ever been. Not to mention Milan…

alexandros- did you actually do the program there or just visit?

I followed the Master in Design course.

as in completed?
or merely researched