How much is spent on creating retail packaging?

The other day I came across the packaging for the Nexus Q and it has me wondering how much is spent on retail packaging for consumer electronics.

I did a little bit of searching online but I can’t seem to find how much is spent on such packaging.
I’ve seen general recommendations, like people suggesting to allocate 3% of wholesale cost for packaging, depending on the product of course.

But could anybody tell me how much each piece of this packaging costs per unit?
I assume the two trays are vacuum formed and the boxes are made from board and covered in paper with a spot UV logo.
How much do those trays and boxes generally cost? How much does the entire package for something like this usually run for? Cents? Dollars? Tens of Dollars?

Maybe $5, although I haven’t seen this in person. Similar materials, etc. for a larger product (3-5 times bigger) might be $10. Since this product was made in the US, I’m assuming the package was as well, so possibly more than that, in fact.