how much do you sketch

how often/long do you sketch per day or week
have you been doing so since a child or just recently

Everyday,7days a week
When i wake up before go working,and after working.

I’ve never stopped since I was a kid.

I read your original longer post but didn’t have a chance to reply earlier. I don’t think that sketching since you where a kid makes you better technically. What I do think is that maybe people that stopped drawing when they hit 12 or 13 did so because they started judging themselves. Those who have always sketched might not have this as much, allowing them to sketch more freely. That is a totally un-backed up hypothesis.

I think the language analogy is a good one. You can learn and become fluent in a language as an adult, but it is difficult and helps if you are surrounded by people who speak that language.

I also think that training for a marathon or similar is a good analogy. You wouldn’t wake up one day and run the New York marathon if you haven’t run in years. You need to train. In the same way you can’t wake up the day before a presentation and sketch if you haven’t sketched for years.

That is my take on it. I still sketch everyday, even if it is just 30 minutes of doodling.

now, everyday i do at least a few thumbnails of something, but i have had many hiatuses…

for me i make a very blurry distinction between a drawing, doodle, and sketch. drawings are focused on technical ability, to reproduce something or to portray something, doodles are usually not labored over and the final output is not of any consequence, and sketches are meant to communicate something, they are exploratory, implying revision, ideas in progress.

so for me sketching is a fairly new endeavor, i have always doodled (much to the dismay of my current employer!), and drawing is something that i would do every once in a while. for the most part, i think most start off drawing or doodling as kids, imo sketching is a deliberate effort to work something, out either to yourself of to someone else.

i would usually co-sign with yo, but i disagree that the people who stopped because the started judging themselves. in my experience, people who have always drawn are super judgmental about their own stuff, i think they continued because they continually judged themselves…also i think there are people that encourage/motivate them

the language analogy is a good one but i do not think it is nearly as difficult to pick up the ability to sketch as an adult as it is as a kid. and i do not really think it is like training for a marathon, because it is the marathon (it not how you start, but how you finish!!!). i think sketching, is kinda like arithmetic; in that when learning it you have to really see it through and understand what it is you are doing and eventually it becomes second nature and you do not have to do as much figuring until you move on to the next level, if you cheat or shortcut through it you can get by but it makes the each subsequent level more difficult imo and just like math everything you learn serves as building blocks to the more difficult stuff…

Thumbnails only…then straight into Solidworks. I sketch in my head and then finish the details in 3D. Sounds weird, but it works.

Now that I am teaching I sketch more, with my students, than I have in years. It is especially helpful since English is their second language.

Same as Timf,

I don’t really sketch for generating design concepts, but use it more and more as a communication tool to get people to understand the types of form I am talking about (i.e. sketching while talking to people so that can visulaise my verbal description). Unlike Timf, I do it with people whose first langugage is English!

pleasently suprised with the feedback. glad to hear the reasons behind why people sketch or draw and appreciate yo and jungles perspective on the sorta pyscological reasoning. I tend to lean more toward the whole training, exercising analogy but that might be because ive always been terrible at math. you nailed it on the head jungle when you said you have to learn the fundamentals first, i always took shortcuts in grade school and i paid for it. wat are other peoples opinions, love to hear some more analogies or other theories of drawing/sketching.

Sketch daily. A page a day makes you better. I like to also sketch things that I do not work on at the office.

20+ hours a week for work projects (when working initial configuration in the “Fuzzy Front End” it is quicker to grab painter and the stylus and shoot out 20 or so configuration ideations. (Not simple form changes as UFO and I have argued about…) Then present these to clients for downselect prior to moving on…

2-3 hours a week personal projects

1-2 hours a week of doodling, scribbling, and crayoning with kids

I try to sketch everyday, even if it is with no purpose in mind.
I am not a gifted drawer, so a lot of the times i would sketch something really rufly, mostly knowing what it looks like in my head and from there i do it on the computer or into a 3D model.
What i am trying to say is, that i sketch a lot in my head. I know what it looks like before i put it on paper.

like most here EVRYDAY…

as far has how long per day it depends… but usually 1/2 hour to a couple hours sometimes.

im reminded of an analogy a teacher of mine once made about hemmingway… he would wake up every morning at like dawn and start writing at a podium. he just wrote and wrote untill noon. the rest of the day he would do whatever (else) he wanted. that discipline is how he was so prolific

I’m with J on this - I usually spend 20+ easily often at work sketching. It balances out sometimes with other tasks I end up being assigned.

I think it goes better when you’re starting out to pace yourself - observe & learn from others and ask yourself what’s wrong and figure out how to improve it.

The truth really is - the more you do it… simply the better you get.

You’ll get there if you really want to…