How much do Visualisers get paid?

As the title says, does anyone know how much a visualiser gets paid? It’s something I’m interested in, but was just wondering?



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what do you mean by visualiser ???

I visualize you get 5 bucks a pop.

now send me 5 bucks…

A guy I used to know started off in space planning for an office furniture company, now he works as a Visualiser putting together 3DSM visuals of office buildings, complexes/plazas etc. for sales presentations. I know he was earning a very good living at it, and it’s something I’m interested in, so I was just wondering what sort of salary a visualiser should expect? maybe also in the field of architecture, producing 3D models of designs, and then producing animations, flyby’s etc…

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Well for 3d cgi visualisation you can easily ask for between £25 to £50 an hour, on a current project me and my other buisness partners ar billing £25 an hour each, so in real terms we are billing our client £75 an hour, it seems alot but it isnt after tax :frowning:

Visualizers, saddle up!!!



Are “Visualizers” in the US called the Marketing Department?

I’m serious - is visualizing marketing?

More like sales support I think…

Visualizers is a new term for me. Sounds like:

  • 3D CG Artist
  • CG Renderer
  • Concept Artist
  • PreViz (which is those rough 3D animations used for movies)
  • 3D Animator (for doing architectural walkthroughs)

Can you be more specific?