How much do they charge projects in Hong Kong/China?

I’m wondering how much a freelance designer in Hong Kong and China charge for projects?

I’m trying to compare what I charge in the US to what they charge over there, so the parameters have to be the same for fair comparison. Considering the following parameters based on my projects here in US:


location: Hong Kong / China
designer experience: 5 years in product design
the client: a manufacturer with own factories

The Projects

product type: relatively simple consumer products like alarm clocks, radios, flashlights, portable CD/mp3 players etc.

to design: external housing only, no internal parts or ribs and boses expected.


  1. a few rough hand sketches of 2 or 3 initial concepts.
  2. after a concept is chosen, a 2D color rendering of the chosen concept with Illustrator (my US client insists that they don’t want 3D because they have their own factory engineers to do 3D models, whose expertise in part design is supposed to be better than any industrial designers, so they say).
  3. after the rendering is approved, a 2D Acad drawing of the design (exterior only).

    Here is my question:
    How much will a freelance designer charge the above project in HK? How much in China?

Thanks for the info.

in Taiwan, a freelance designer will charge from 2500 USD and up.
base on the experience of the designer. : )
Some Starter designer or student may take projects at lower price though.

hope this information helps : )

Hard to say, you charging by per hour or by project?

I charge by per project. I think this is what the clients are really concerned, the total amount that they will end up paying, right? It does not matter to them how many hours you actually worked on the project as long as it is done right and they like the design.

So how much is the average fee in HK/China for this project given the parameters? And how many weeks would a typical client expect to see the completed design?



Sorry i missed your msg, i rarly come to this site anymore due to spam, plus i moderate my own site which touches on such issues. (Shamless plug) Please see below, there are more of us there that can give you advice.

I’ll take it off line and discuss with you via pm.


That really depends on:
your experience, your clients, where are you located and so on.

The large design offices in shanghai are expensive but some have excellent designers and western management.
Same as our fees, we are still more than half cheaper than in Europe.
In Europe prices range from 80-125 euro/h for concept/design work!!!Engineering bit lower. Here i know you can hire product engineers from 11-25 USD per hour in the office, than this is a Chinese person.
But than i donnot know what the local free-lancers ask, but count on very low wages/hour rates.

For me this is a challange cause there is alot of local talent here, and so you can operate cost effective and the added value of being close to cheap mass production, think about this potential market and what i see now is that some foreign design agencies open there offices in Shanghai.