How much do senior designers at Ford, GM etc earn?

I was speaking to my friend about it and we both drew a blank. So any rough idea how much people with job title “senior designer” earn at Ford, GM type of companies?

If you have questions as to salary I would look to the coroflot annual survey. It is rude to ask someone directly. I would assume that they make ‘enough’.

Who did I ask directly? :laughing: Me and my friend don’t work at Ford or GM. We were discussing it between ourselves. It’s rude to ask someone directly that is why I am asking on an anonymous forum :smiley:

Ok will look for this salary survey that you spoke about. Thanks.

P.S- How much is “enough” in dollars? :sunglasses:

For anyone else interested it seems to be between $100k to $200. that definitely is enough :open_mouth:

you should be asking about severance pay. how many weeks of severance pay are they offered to resign.

I couldn’t resist…

+1 for Bart.

Yeah your not asking anyone directly right here. I suppose in general. Sorry if I sounded too forward.

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