How much do Automobile designers make?

I have a general idea of how much industrial designers make, but I have no idea how much car designers, graduates of Art center, CCS etc… make working for the auto companies. Do they generally make more than IDers or less or the same? I’ve heard a lot of glamorous things about designing cars, so I need someone to bring me to reality.

Note: I’m not really concerned about the passion aspect, just the financial aspect. I’m also talking about entry level.


You need passion for Cars if you want to get in. They only take the best of the best.

No passion-> no good design
No good design->no job

In my oppinion

I think entry level varies, but the low end would be $45k to start… I guess that makes it similar to engineering, b/c you can obviously go much higher into the 6 figures as you gain experience.

I don’t have evidence of this, but my guess is that they start around $60k. As mentioned earlier, they are the best of the best. The Top Guns. And auto companies have a LOT of money to pay talent. The designers get customers into the showroom and generate interest and passion in the product. Kinda hard to put a price-tag on that.