How much am I worth!?!

I graduated this year with a BA hons in Product and furniture design I only have 8 weeks design related work experience and have been asked to be involved in a free lance project.

How much should I be asking for? Are there any sites I can look at to help with this information?

I am also putting my final year piece into production. The company want to give me a one off payment how much should that be? I have been discussing royalites with a few people and have been given loads of different figures. Have you put any work into production, if so what would you recommend? Also how long was the lease for the design do you normally just hand over the design or just let them have it for a few years?

Also can I ask for recognition for the design, I really dont think they would go for this but the most important think for me is getting my name into the furniture industry and finding work can I get them to mention me when releasing the product?

View the piece on its the wardrobe that won awards at New Designers.

Thank you

Hi, for your rate, here’s a trick,
1_calculate how much working time you can do in a week, multiply it by the number of weeks you can work in a year.

2_calculate the portion of space, rent, telephone bill and everything you use for work.add it up for a year.

3_then, calculate the salary you want to do in a year

4_calculate the profit (or not) that you wanna do for a year.

add n.2,3 and 4 then divide n.1 by the result you get.

that should give you how much you SHOULD charge, then it’s up to you to calculate wheither you charge more or less depending on your field.

That advance was given to me by a financial advisor, i went from charging 35 $/H to 100$/h and i have clients…

good luck