how much a designer makes in any latinamerican country?

Hi, just a quick post… for designers working at or for latin american industries, companies and countries…

How much money do you earn at any latin american country? and how much does that represent on your economy? I mean, you can make US$3000= a month but if a decent apartment for rent is US$2000= a month and a good dinner is US$60= well is better to live in a country where you make US$1600= and a decent apartment for rent is US$500 a moth and a good dinner is US$20=… nah? and so all the things you need for living :smiley:

For example in Colombia a Junior designers makes (more or less) like $1’200.000= pesos a month (US$550=) but you can find a decent apartment for US$300 a moth (rent). Of course here in colombia design is not well paid, it sucks!!!

how are things in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama… ? :exclamation:

Deez you are so right, but when I said a 2000 rent it didnt mean that if you make 3000 you live in a 2000 apartment, it was just an example of the cost of living… dont take it so literally. :confused:

I was working for a publicity agency until last week for R$800 monthly (US$400). That’s what most juniors arelikelyto start by here in Brazil,believeit or not. I get more doing free lance, hence my decision to quit my job and go on a while longer on my own. I’m not sure that was the right decision to make but it’s made and I don’t regret it. I’m looking to get a decent job soon though. I’m still uncertain of many things, especially because I don’t have a formal schoolin in my field. I’m pretty much self-taught.

well it is kinda the same here in Colombia… I really thought that in Brazil design was like very well paid…