how many yrs of experience til im not a junior designer?

I want to get as much work expierence as I can.( i have been desiigning shoes for a yr now) But I want to know how many years of experience in the field of shoe design, does it take til you move up and ultimately become a senior designer or art director??? Also at my school they do not teach shoe design, no problem i already have a job. But in the future when or if i change comapnies will it matter if i didnt major in school in product or inductrial design? and I do a lil sketching with pencil and pen but do my finished and most work on the computer is this bad??? do most companies when u go for interviews want to see marker renderings and a lot of hand drawn material or is digital becoming ok???

thank you

cant anyone give me some advice…anything.

You’ll get better response posting in the footwear section. There are a couple of footwear designers here giving out really good info recently like my buddy Yo. Gotta give it a little time, you’ll get a response.

how do i post in footwear section…im new to this.

thanks skinny

click on the orange link where it says Core77 Boards Forum index right under the title of the thread. That’ll take you to the main list, Employment, Students, etc. Scroll down halfway and theres a new special interests section, that’s where you’ll find footwear. Open that one then post a message. Look around at what’s already in there so you’re sure you’re not repeating the same thing somebody else asked and got answered last week.

Thanks skinny, if you dont mind me asking what perfession are you curently in???

you dont have to answer.

thank you

Freelance ID since 99. Working mainly for consultancies currently. Mostly a strategic choice to get different types of pj’s under my belt and to test different waters before I decide to settle down. Used to be inhouse at a company, had a good time. Was a possible career limiter so I had to bail while still young enough to get into other things. Gotta be careful with some jobs you take, very easy to get pigeonholed. You’ll learn a lot but depending on what it is, can limit your marketability if you’re not paying attention and don’t continue to do your own ideal types of pj’s on the side.

I think im being pj now. and since im still in school really just a junior designer, I feel like alot of the work that I am doing now isnt at tht level. and I feel like I am being tested of my loyalty. but of course right now i have (i believe found the perfect job) and the trip to china first class, and putting out 13-14 development samples, I was just out for two weeks, and also have done outsoles and insoles, but I feel like I am being tested of talents. and almost being cemented in a way, because if someone (people) are being so nice to you you have to wonder wht there intentions are. I am planning a trip to Italy and Brazil for business. it get s difficult with school especially because my major is so different.


In years to come if I want to leave my job or ask for more money how do I do this and stay professional, and keep respect between me and the company???

I’m not the best person to ask for that, I haven’t job-hopped too much. I have trouble pricing myself. I actually had one of my old long-term clients up my hourly rate without me even asking. Told me administration was changing up, so it was a good time to take the opportunity to up my rate. That’s when you know you have a good client (and that you just may be underpricing yourself).

so in my position what do you think is a good hourly rate. I am paid now hourly. but I am just wondering. with my background. I am a student still…but that doesnt mean i can be taken advantage of. I know a lil about the business but i am trying to always learn more

Depends on how good you are, what being “Sr.” means, and where you work.

In my consulting experience, Seniors exhibited the capabilities to interface well with clients and take charge of projects. I saw this:

2 Years - Hotshot
3 Years - Exceptional
4-5 Years - Typical
6+ Years - Paid your dues

Pessimistacly speaking, yes, places would probably crap on you still being in school and all. Pricing all depends on the specific company, location, experience, and how good at selling yourself you are. Lots of people still in school will take any design opps as learning experience and not even get paid, or a small stipend may be given at the end. Right now, everything is for more experience, that’s the main goal at this stage. If you do freelance and you’re in school, you can go anywhere from $15-$50 per hr. Lots of different variables can influence it. Try using the search function of this site to look up the “salary survey” and other old threads on freelance pricing.
I’m not really good at it myself, I normally ask the client what their budget is and what they can afford to put out. That’s worked for me, I try to only deal with good honest folks anyway. If a place seems too sharky + cutthroat, all about the dollar, I tend to stay away. Just my personal choice.

I have been designing like i said for a year. getting good pay, well i think so. but i know that i can get more. when i get more experienced. I have two more years of school, so if i am working for the next 2 year and last yr, that would be 3yrs of experience out of school, but since i was in school do you think i will be looked down upon. or even since i am not going to be graduating in anything close to shoe design. (communication design) I have only my work experience to show for not a degree in this specific field,

you can check out some of my old work at

will be posting new ideas soon.

I think that a lot of places won’t consider your years of experience until it’s 9-5 work after you graduate. Not sure how much what your major was will influence placement as long as you know the skills and the portfolio is tight. I’ve heard of people getting jobs with different or even no degrees. Not to sure, getting out of my knowledge range now. Anyone else?

i am a full time worker til school starts and then I am part time, that sucks That just because I am in school. My years of hard work wont be looked upon. well its still ok, because I am gaining so much everyday, I am thankful for my position. never take it for granted.