how many water features do you have at home or office

You know, water fountians, water falls, aquairums? Thanks again.

I live in one - do I win a prize?

does a toilet count? sometimes it runs if i dont jiggle the handle so is kinda a waterfall…:wink:


i used to live aboard a catalina 30’ loved it…just big enough for 1 or 2 (must be very frendly and orginized) :slight_smile:

I live in one - do I win a prize?
i used to live aboard a catalina 30’ loved it

39 isn’t that much more than 30

My (former) German Frers designed, Dufour 39 … is there a common “designer/boat dweller” thread emerging here?

sweet! what do you pay for slip fees there? The cat 30 as you know is BIG inside for a 30’ but sails like a winnabago :slight_smile: your boat is a much better blue water boat. Living aboard a sailboat is very very green, tiny impact and fully self contained…would do it again and will some time soon…

hey Zip,

I bought “Take 5” (renamed “Diligence” (with all the mandatory traditional ceremonies) in '02 down in San Diego for $58,000. The pic was taken the morning I had her hauled for survey at Shelter Island Boatyard.

She was slipped over at the Harbor Island West Marina. I only berthed her there for the two months needed to upgrade her diesel, and some rudder work. The marina was kind enough to extend the previous owner’s slip rate to me at $250 a month (I think it was). After that I moved her north, passed Pt. Conception, to her new home in Port San Luis where she currently rides a mooring.

I had to purchase the mooring hardware from the Harbor District, and pay an annual maintenance fee (on the mooring anchor and pendants), and an unsecured property tax on the nine square feet of harbor floor that the mooring anchor sits on (to the county of San Luis Obispo (to fund the Harbor District)). The hardware was about $2,700 (at the time), and the quarterly mooring permit fee was $99 ($396/year).

In addition, there was the upkeep on a 16’ skiff to get out to her … certainly not as live-aboard-friendly as staggering down the gangway at the marina after a long Saturday night! She rides about a quarter mile from the pier so it takes about fifteen minutes to get out to her.

She was a “documented vessel”, free to roam the open seas (as opposed to a “state registered” vessel which could only operate in coastal waters). Her PO did the TransPac with her four times, and the Ensenada regatta eight times (my plans to do so never materialized). A true sweety … sorry I had to let her go.

Know the feeling, but hey ever thing about a canal barge…you know like they have in europe?

Mines a narrowboat (tradtional UK canalboat designed to navigate our narrow canals) - only 6’10’’ wide and 57’’ long.

That’s an oddly proportioned boat!

The canals in uk are very narrow, the cannal boat i looked at for european use was 109’ by 21’