How many ufo's does it take to screw in a chris bangle?

How many ufo’s does it take to screw in a chris bangle?

And is beauty learned?

no doubt from the Life before CAD section???

this string made me laugh pretty hard
I would say a few ufo’s flying to fast for bmw to catch up to

dude, im a retard. you guys are retards too. lol.

LOL… I had to read it twice, first time I misread… sorry… I’d say, as many as there are 5,6 and 7 series BMWs on the road.

Now i wanna screw you 'cause you misread my assss…ROFLMAO!!


WHo is Chris Bangle and what does this ufo relation mean? Just curious? Any help from the crowd?


I don’t want to call you a clueless nube, but…

just do a quick search for any post by ufo, read about 3 of them and you’ll see

UFO’s pfolio - iam sure he won’t mind the post because he’s proud of it:

WOW… pure genius… thaht’s all i can say… TOOFAST4BANGLE!

hey some has been impersonating “go fetch trouble”
I think it was an unidentified flying object. really!

Also, this is the best, ufo noted in a previous UFO classic (see links above) that he (or she) only takes comments from accredited design instructors or professionals from art center or CCS. Wow this was news to me because I am a design professional who graduated from CCS and he discounted me…noting I wasn’t worth his time or design intellect…but thanks to the UFO classics I now know that indeed I am worth his time, both fitting his requirements for legititimacy and intellect! That is just wonderful and somehow I feel better about the amount of time I have been paying back my student loans.

first of all i didn’t ask for your comment on my folio. i hope you understand that. second of all you’re an ugly son of a bitch who has nothing better do do than make stupid statements. maybe i have to come to scotland and kick your lousy ass and have some fun. and i’m sure they’ll cheer me in your school as i smash your tiny head to the stone wall. so piss off motherf–ker. shaggy is your mama’s ass and evil is your dady’s cheesy penis.

your folio sucks and you know it. you suck too.

to exe

go and f–k yourself. you’ve proven that you’re here to create disturbance just as paul and others like him have.

Funny shit. Someone got a picture of ufo? Please??? Says he posted a shaggyass looking mugshot with his folio so somebody musta seen it and maybe even snagged it! Post it already!!!

I think it is obvoius why UFO does not post his resume. He has made an ass of himself within the design community on Core77 and now cannot be ‘revealed’

Too bad…so sad…


I thought that had been lost in the abyss of the net. Had many a sleepless night over that ‘conversation’.


wow, I always just thought ufo was a cock-bag, but never saw his work (laziness i guess) now he sucks too!

holy shyte :open_mouth:

forgot to login, the above was me

so bad, that folio should come with a warning for those who may have eaten recently :confused:

Don’t know if this has been posted before but browsing the internet recently I came across this.

Its not often you hear the words Chris Bangle without hearing ruffled feathers (if people are being polite)

At least here