How many times can you be shot down?

Yeah, that sounds pretty acurate. I can’t imagine having the energy to do both. The only thing is when the season’s over, I usually just want to go out all the time, see bands, travel, etc. I dunno, myabe this is a wakeup call for me to start thinking of moving on. I’m really comfortable where I am, and that sort of scares me. There’s guys here who’ve been here waaaay too long, and I don’t want that to happen to me.
Anyway, yeah MTb racing is sort of crazy, but I’ve been doing since I was 16. For the past 4 years I’ve trained mostly on the road and almost identify with that more now. I watch all the videos on the trainer and follow that mores closely than the MTB scene. I race expert, my third season…the series here is finally sanctioned by NORBA so maybe I’ll do one of those this year. I definately want to do some early road races, I’ll just pray I don’t hit the pavement. And for the record I think it’s goona be a close one between Ullrich and Lance this year. But I’m still betting on Lance. And screw the argument that he shouldn’t break 5, all the other 5x’ers tried!

I train weights for 2.5 to 3 hours 6 days a week, I am not training for anything just an obsession. I find that there is nothing I can do on the weekdays to get my work together and delegate what I am going to do on the weekend, I have to work at my portfolio and website on the weekends I go into work just like any other day. It’s sickening. I MTB but it is only on vacation.

Also I have a close friend who works at Shimano, he always lets me know when they are hiring designers. If you don’t mind getting paid around 40k and living in the exspense of San Diego, post your email

P.S. 75% of all shimano equipt.

I lift 2x a week, but it is mostly endurance lifting so as not to gain weight (that I have to drag up hills)…I do some power lifting but only squats and rows, for sprinting and climbing, an even that’s only for 4 weeks. I bought a specialized epic s-works this year (it’s a tank but it’s gonna save my back), so I figured I needed to drop some lb’s - I went from 165 to 160 (I’m 5’10)…I am super obsessive about riding and eating, except every now and then I can’t take it anymore and eat, say, a 2,000 calorie Mexican dinner. But screw it, I gotta have some enjoyment here!

But I would definately work for Shimano in a heartbeat, and sorry to say but $40k would be a big improvement over what I make now. My e-mail is, so let me know if anything comes up, I’d really appreciate it.

And 6ix, you’re freaking nuts training 16 hrs a week…2hrs. ont the trainer is as much as I can take…until I can ride outside.

this from

"With a more reachable market and following the IMAX-movie trends, Hamilton’s 2003 Tour drama could mean that the movie we eventually see could be very dramatic, exciting, and cinematic instead of just documentary.

But don’t expect to see it soon, Fergusone warns. “IMAX movies have a long shelf life, 5 to 10 years. There’s generally no need to rush them like crazy out of production.”

The cycling community could see Brainpower released in late 2004 or early 2005. "

Saw some of this at InterBike - rough scenes - looks tremendous.

design, girlfriends, and bicycle racing all are obsessive things and take waaay too much time. can’t do more than one thing well I believe…the designers I’ve seen who are also bicycle racers either aren’t very good designers or very fast racers. best thing is move 30 miles away from work and TT in, in the mornings. I did that for a winter in Boston and by the time the first practice crit rolled around I was eating people up. But boy was I sick of riding.

Whoa, slippyfish, that was sort of slap in the face. Yeah, I’m a good racer (and will be way better this year), but I still believe that I am a good designer as well. Sure I don’t prance around in a black turtleneck in downtown NYC or hold my nose up at anyone not in IDSA, but I’m talented at designing and work hard at it.
However, in order to be one awesome racer this year I have postponed searching for any new jobs until late Fall. That way I can focus on training. Last year I focused on my portfolio and website. Since those are, for the most part, up-to-date I can afford to let them go for 6 months without modification.
I do agree with you though. It’s nearly impossible to be good at both. You sort of need to hand them off from time to time, and concentrate on only one. I’m sure this transcends to others’ pasttimes as well. It’s like a second-job I suppose.
I’ve taken this rejection with a grain of salt and consider it a lesson learned. Basically I just can’t focus on two things at the same time!

That IMAX thing is going to be sweet. Can’t wait to see it!

hey, I realized after i posted that, that it could be harsh.

I was speaking more from personal experiences of training time vs designing time vs chasing tail time… which didn’t work for me… but then I never had the discipline to make it up to Cat 2 either. :blush: :blush: