How many times can you be shot down?

Alright, just got shot down again from a dream job. I’m talented, have real-world experience and am a hard-worker. going over my portfolio isn’t going to do jack, as I have that about as polished as it’s going to get. I just want to know something…even though I have a decent job in a crap-hole town, should I just give up on design? I’m kinda tempted right now, but I’m not sure what I would do.

I’m just really fed up with this. I should feel fortunate for the position I have, but the town sucks and I hate living here. It’s AMAZING how bad it is here. I’m sick of the elitest attitude that most design firms have, and even most designers act this way (whoohoo, look at me, I’m from Art Center, blah blah blah)

I’m just blowing off some steam. Very peeved right now and sort of lost for direction. Maybe a professional athlete? Nope, suck at that too.

I am in the exact same place as you are, been turned down at 3 different places that I would have killed to work at. The bright side of it is that they asked for my portfolio after seeing my site and went as far as to talk to me. I got a lot further than most people would have. I think that if I bust my ass even futher and even go as far as to produce some stuff on my own that I will be in.

Yeah is sucks and I am in a town that I can’t stand but I know I will get on with one of my favorites soon.


Thanks mayhem, that’s reassuring. I’ve been doing some freelance stuff on the side, as well as completing a lot of other projects just to spruce up my porfolio. As you had mentioned, it was my website and mailer that had them call my in for a personal interview. So, I did get into the final round, but I seem to always get into the final round of 5 or so, and then get cut. I’m like the eternal second place. Jan Ullrich has been 2nd in the Tour de France 5 flippin times and he keeps going and going (and will probably win this year.) Suppose determination is key, but man, it’s like getting kicked in the nads and asking for more!!

This last time for me was the worst. I had it all worked out so that my lease was up and I had arranged everything so that it would work out for the both of us. He didn’t want to pay me anything and I found a good comprimise. It was a real pain in the ass. But looking back on it, I was taking way to big of a pay cut as well as a benefit cut, and it seemed shaky. I’m better off without it. Wish I could say the same thing for my JDK portfolio request:P

Now I am using all of my freelance money to work on B/C’s, portfolio upgrades, mods, and changes. I think the next time around is going to be better.


I hear ya brother or sister. kinda think this is a dead end gig myself.

Sharpie, love the picture!! Ha ha!

It’s kinda funny how being turned down by a job (especially when you are a very passionate design, as compared to many designers that simply “work”) feels very similar to being turned down by a girl. I know that one from many, many experiences. Heck, I write a book on it. In any case, it makes me want to do something drastic like, oh, I don’t know. Get a HDTV, a new car, tattoo, dye my hair white, etc. Something. Which one should I go for? Consider this the designer version of Todd-TV. We’ll call it 6ix-TV and whenever a job opening comes up, you guys tell me whether or not to go for it, even if I’m not qualified. Like the Nike Director position. now that would be funny. Just getting the ding letter from them would be hilarious!
Anyhow, what do you all think? Tattoo, white hair, no hair? Car, TV? Bring it on!!

Tatoo, definetely tatoo, it lasts a lifetime.

a buddy of mine got in at JDK after a long long time. if you can stand the trustafarian hordes in Burlington you’ll like it but most of those guys don’t even get the chance to get out and use their season lift passes at Stowe, cause theyre working all weekend.

and 6ix I think Jan is going to do it this year - with Vino, Cadel, and how many other tough guys working for him…no way is Lance gonna pull off #6 especially when he’s poking Sheryl Crow in his spare time.

alls I can say is make your money somehow, try to not pay attention to the elitist smug f*cks, do some good work, and don’t sell out to the idea that being a designer is somehow cooler or better than other jobs so you deserve longer hours and less pay.

You told me to, so I’m going to do it. Yup, I’m applying for the Israeli design position!! Oh, the fun!!
After thinking things through a little bit last evening, I’m feeling a little better about getting shot down for the umpteenth time. Just going to focus on racing this year.

Slippyfish, totally agree with you about Jan. Of course, this whole thing of Lance saying that Jan needs to be considered the favorite could very well be like his 2001 Alpe D’ Huez bluff. I think Heras and Galdeano will be right up there. That new Liberty team looks especially strong. How ironic would it be for Saiz if they win the Tour this year, the first year that ONCE finally backed out sponsorship? I like Cadel and hope he won’t explode in the mountains like he did in the Giro. I could feel his pain when he was weaving across the road while he was wearing the pink jersey.


You may want to try applying to less known, smaller firms. The top dogs accept only the best qualified because they receive so many applications. I would suggest applying to the less known firms that aren’t so picky.


Just remember. Where ever you go… there you are.

Work always sucks… it’s what one does after work that counts!

6ix did you see the job posting for SRAM? seems like they are always looking, and they’re in your neck-o-da-woods…(sorta)

(warning: pro cycling analysis to follow)

Losing Heras was a bad thing for Postal. Having a 2x Vuelta winner as your 2nd in command was their edge in the mountains. With Beltran last year aiding Heras they had more depth than anyone. But Jan has proven over the past few years that he doesn’t need other guys riding for him to stay with the leaders and be at that #2 spot. Vino is one tough Russian bastard and Cadel has much more road legs now than when he cracked in the Giro. I’m also gunning for Tyler to get on the podium since he will have a fine team too. I don’t think Lance will do as well in the uphill TT to hold off T-Mobiles attacks in the mountains.

Regardless, I’m taking the month of July off and staying home and watching the Tour because there…will…be…drama. ) :exclamation:

I noticed something. Most of the threads on here are from people in southern cali, colorado, etc. All nice places to live. I’m in Kansas. It’s pretty bad here, but hey, the pay is good so I’m content.

As for applying to premier firms, I havent’ been. They don’t interest me because they are too stuffy and elitest. Way too many egos floating around. If it weren’t for location, I would be fine where I am working. Oh well, I’m still very young and have a lot of years ahead of me. I’ve planted a lot of seeds over the past few years doing side projects and freelance. It’s bound to pay off soon.

Beware: Professional cycling discussion part!

Heras will be a tough one to contend with. Look how fast he did the uphill TT in the Vuelta to win overall. With the Alpe d’ Huez TT this year only a few days from the finish, I think he has a legitimate chance and can take some serious time out of Ullrich and Armstrong. I was just watching the first TT stage of the 2003 Tour last night where Ullrich won. Man, he destroyed Lance. That guy has to be one of the most naturally gifted riders in the pro scene.
Hamilton, if he can keep his wheels on the ground, will do really well. Can’t wait to see the IMAX film on him.

Oh, one final question…Audi TT or BMW 3-series coupe?

Not to get off subject…but good to see some hardcore cycling fanatics! I’m interested to see if Simoni will walk the walk this year…after talking for so long, hehe.

btw…when is the Hamilton IMAX movie supposed to be released…or is it already?

Hang in there…you’ll score the right gig :smiley: …speaking of cars…ever look into the Mitsu Evo or Scooby STI? ricey looks…but you’ll never have more fun in a car :slight_smile:

Simoni is always shooting his mouth out, but he did put on a good show at the Giro last year. Impressive. I think he can go on to win a few more stages in the Tour next year, but I can’t imagine him ever being higher than the top 6 or so.
As for the IMAX film, I believe it will be out NEXT fall, as compared to this fall like I had originally expected. There was a nice article on it in the latest CycleSport.
Test-drove the Audi this weekend. Nice car, won’t fit a bike. Not even close!! Too bad. Hadn’t actually thought about the rocket cars like the Subbie or EVo, as I’m kinda looking for something a bit more luxurious. Heated seats would be nice! Really got my eyes on a 3-series coupe at the moment, or the new Acura TL. Or A4. Heck, I don’t know!!

Good to see cycling fans on here. Sorry for this thread having absolutely nothing to do with being shot down for jobs.

I always get all pumped over the possibility of a certain new job and when I don’t get it, I generally just focus on something else in my life for a few months. Then something new comes along. Basically, I’m in no hurry so Im’ just going to sit back and wait for something to pop up. Patience is a virtue…I’ll try to remember that!!

I went with the tattoo
freaking 10 hours after I got it filled

Awesome tatoo! I’m thinking of something a wee bit smaller though, and probably on my calf. Maybe 3-4" diameter. I’ve been sketching up some ideas, probably something like ribbons in dutch national colors. If I get an invitation to nationals this year, I’ll probably have it done just to commemorate all of my hard work.

Yeah this was my first and I didn’t want to screw around, but I don’t regret it.
you said you were in Kansas, it could be worse, I am in Houston.


Out of curiosity, how do you balance training and job searching, working on your portfolio, etc? I am training for the upcoming MTB season, and I find it hard to come home and sit on the trainer for 2 hrs and then jump on the computer and be productive. Basically I said I would wait until I felt the time was right to move on and put racing on hold to pursue a new job. The reason I ask is because I recieved a call out of the blue to come in for an interview for what would be my dream job, and I have nothing ready. Even if this doesn’t work out I should probably start to maintain a working portfolio. So anyway, how do you do it?

Basically you can’t have a life!! I’m being coached for the first time this season, and in the middle of winter I’m riding 15-18 hrs a week. Incredibly difficult.
Since I’m in no rush to get a new job (the pay is good here, and I can tolerate it for a while longer), I’m just focusing on cycling this year. i worked on my website/portfolio last fall and early winter so I woudn’t have to bother with it during the season. I figure once Sept/Oct rolls around, I’ll start actively searching again. But right now, I’m focusing entirely on cycling. It’s really one or the other, you can’t do both. Kinda like triathlons. You can be pretty good at all three, or drop two and be flippin awesome at one.
I don’t have a girlfriend either at the moment, which is probably good considering all the training time. Maybe go out socially once every 3 or 4 weeks.
Bottom line is I think you should get your portfolio, mailers, website all in order, and then just drop it. Don’t look at it, don’t tweak it. That way you’ll have it handy if some heavenly job happens to pop up. But during the “down time”, ride your tail off. Good luck in the MTB races. I did one MTB race last year and smacked a tree. I’m a 2 on the road, but was racing B’s in my first MTB race. I was in first place after the second of two laps…and quit. I couldn’t handle it! Mountain bikers are crazy!!