How many sketches/rederings does it take to?

How many sketches/rederings you think it take to reach a final approved design on average?


Sometimes less than that. If it’s taking you more than who knows what you’re doing… you might be designing. :open_mouth:

It can be all over the map, some clients don’t require much, others need a lot of coddling.

In my experience I would say maybe 30 sketches and 20 renderings. I know some work in phases so I was wondering what is an average count in each phase. We can get an avg Once the numbers are in.

Seriously!? I don’t think thats a quantifiable kind of thing.

Agreed. A project is not “finished” only by how many times you think of something.

Well at what point does it start to get too much for you and wonder when is this individual going to make a decision? I’m sure it happened

that’s what contracts are for, you write in you will provide X amount of ideas/steps/changes, anything more will be added fees

Nicanor/ that does not apply to all. I work for a consumer product company that doesn’t deal with clients.

I think this is a really good question, how much (ballpark) should it take to communicate an idea, and how much is just sketch masturbation. I have definitely seen quality concept be substituted with quantity rendering.

I like to refer to that as fluffy fill. Kinda like when your first couple of ideas are the ones you want sometimes and the rest is just crap to fill in the process. Honestly havent done that since school though.

The answer is between 1 & never.

Hundreds of individual sketches, but the question is how many of those sketches support a CONCEPT.

Detailed Concept (renderings & or simple 3D models) - usually between 3-12 at the wide end of the funnel, revised down to between 1-3 more detailed concepts, but by this point everything is 3D except for sketches I do for myself which inform my design process.

Really an impossible # to quantify. If you come to a brilliant solution in 5 sketches then theres no point in going further.

One… 10,000… Does it “pop”? If not, sketch, sketch, and sketch some more.

As many as it takes. Is this a real question? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? I don’t think you can put a number on this.

Yeah I’m sure you’re boss would love that it takes 10,000 sketches to generate a meaningful form.

It’s a real question, but if you don’t like a ballpark number, how many hours of sketching? Just sketching, not doodling around or whatnot. Real, serious sketching.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck? enough to get the job done and move on to the next project.

Ok, I didn’t want to let this secret out but the correct answer is 9 hours. After 9 hours you can go to your boss and say you’re done. This goes for everything. Cars, electronics, furniture, it can all be done in 9 hours. If you go to you’re boss in 8 he won’t think you have done enough, and at 10 hours he will fire you for taking too long and hire someone who can do it in 9 hours.

LOL this really made me laugh…seriously if your boss wants a final ideation/presentation on a concept after 9 hours I’d change jobs. If you do mean exploring different kind of directions/ideas…than yes after 9 hours of super-charged sketching maybe then you can show him all the possibilities. And then it’s time to choose. But no way that you’ll finalize a concept in 9 hours. And if you do you are not a designer but mere re-styling things. It takes a lot of trail and error to get a truly great new product to perfection -if that even exists-

On the other hand the above is mostly the case. They tinker and discuss about the design-brief for months or even years and then the designer gets a day to get the concept and 3 weeks to hone it to production. To me this is the biggest frustration for a designer. We as designers should be there when they discuss the design-brief. Otherwise we are mere cooks following their recipe…

But back on topic:

I’d say 500 sketches and 10 prototypes and no renders :wink:

Seriously why is everybody forgetting about prototypes. That’s the stage of the development-process where I learn the most.
You/others have to hold it to feel/know it’s right

Many grtz

This is my point. It is as many as needed. As far as hours…I used to sketch all day, but as I have move up in my career that number has gone down. I would say I still do close to 3-4 hrs a day.

9 hours … that’s funny. Reminds me of There’s Something About Mary … “You walk into a video store, you see 8-Minute Abs sittin’ there, there’s 7-Minute Abs right beside it. Which one are you gonna pick, man?”

Perhaps it’s better to ask how much of the project on average do you allocate to sketching?

But doesn’t a lot of that depend on your deadlines, and deadlines are never the same? And like it has been mentioned above, sketching is only part of the process. How much time do you spend on research, on models, on revisions? These are all aort of communicating an initial idea.