How many projects to show in an interview

I am a junior designer with 3 yrs experience. How many projects should I show in an interview? They say only show the best pieces, but if I only show 5-6, is it not enough?


Usually those students just graduating have around 10-12 projects. Maybe you need to do some concept work in addition to what you have done in the last 3 years.

I would only show about 3-4 strong projects. LESS EQUALS MORE!

From those emphasize PROCESS: research (and what it provided you and shaped your conceptualizing) initial sketches, boiled down to a few better renderings or initial models (and note why these directions were chosen over the others) boiled down again to a final and sweet CAD and/or physical model at the end.

Input of user testing and manufacturing concerns is very important, too.

This advice is really for product though. I have no idea how many for graphic.

for product design, I’d say no more than 5 very good projects. For graphic design…I’d say no more than 6-7.
10 - 12 gets long and boring and I’m assuming some of these projects take up more than one page?..Do the math…page count is starting to get a little high…

It will take a while to present 10+ projects during an interview. You don’t want to rush the presentation just to cover many projects. 5-7 projects should be enough to give the prospective employer a good understanding of your skills.

Speaking of ID.

Should mention when I said “10-12 projects” I was talking about graphic design.

I though its always best to do the research in to the specific company and show 2-3 projects that are most relevant not more, i think that the best way to do it personally at least in UK.

… as many as you got… good ones that is…

Personally I have had very good experiences and end results by taking ONE program that represents what you can do and develop a case study of this particular program… including the entire process (without booring anyone of course). Then every good program you have worked on show final images… this will show your body of work and an employer will be impressed.

Also, keep a few extra sketchbooks of some of these “final image work” just in case they want to see more. You never know who will be in that interview and what they are working on or have been working on. To establish a personal connection in an interview is golden to land the job. Your work only takes you so far…