How many pgs per project?

How many pages are proper to be used in ID portfolio per project?
Currently I’m using 2 pages per project, and Left I put larger view of the object and the right, I put information.
Are there any other better solutions than this?
I know I should put things like drawings, ideation and mechanical views, but
should I put them all in one page or do I need to make them in seperate pages?
Any suggestion will be very helpful. Thank you.

2 facing pages sounds about right of course it really depends on the project. If you designed a museam space which included all the graphic design then you might break this up into 2 stages.

Yes you should show process. Maybe the problem is your portfolio format is too small. 8.5 x 11 might not work for you. You don’t want someone constantly turn pages for the same project. Its like looking for something online and having to click 3-4 times still you find the information you want.

Thanks for your reply.
I’m currently using 11 by 17 inches per page.
But my problem is that it became just a blow up of 8 1/2 by 11", which means just enlarged look. So it looks easier to see and read letters but
it just look like fashion magazine spread instead of engineering blue prints.
I’m wondering if anyone has better solution for this layout of
Product introduction and drawings,instructions &etc all together as
one big setup?

Aproach it like you would any other design problem. Hey, maybe your images are too large.

At first I did 11x17 because that’s the size for most of my presentation boards, but then I realized that it’s kind of hard to do have the text and images at the right size yet not have te page look too busy, so I went back to letter size.

My major project has 6 pages because I went through a more extensive process than other projects. So I wanted to show a bit of research( just to show them that I did do research), ideation sketches, mock-up models and research done based on the models, more refinement sketches including details like features and mechanisms, orthographic, 3D model and final scale model and some shots of an user using it.

Others are not as extensive so I keep them to about 2 pages. Some are just short idea exploration sketches, with no model, and that will be just one page.

Thanks M-Cow.
That makes more sense.
I was confused about
where the research and the sketches belong to when I needed to
show with the final results. It just becomes too busy layout or
sometimes Photography don’t go along with drawings-looks bit
don’t belong together to me
But your idea seems to be right.

Making portfolio is so hard.
Especially the layout of nicely organized steps and process
instead of just dumping all the photos that I have.

I see that corofolio are mostly Horizontal layouts
and Cardesinnews features more of Vertical layouts

Do you think or Do you prefer Horizontal or Vertical for
your portfolio?

Mine is currently the Vertical 11 by 17 inches
Two pages per project facing eachother.
Somewhat I see that Horizontal layout might work better than
the vertical to Show more photos and writings.

Please tell me your senses. Thank you.

Horizontal | Vertical. It all depends on what works for you. My book is 14 x 17 with a vertical format.

I used to have a 14x17 portfolio, it’s a good size, however if you have limted means of printing, or don’t want to have to hit up Kinkos every time you edit or create new pages, it can be well worth your investment to pick up a good color printer and use letter size. It can make it alot faster and easier to make changes and add new pages. Not to mention that larger portfolio sleeves are most costly :slight_smile: