How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I saw my nephews (they are in high school) yesterday and we were talking about shoe designers (all good, of course). They wanted to know how many shoes you own. Let me know and I will pass it on. Thanks.

3 years ago, when I worked at a product design consultancy I had about 8 pairs of shoes (couple of dress, couple casual, some running shoes, a pair of boots, a pair of sandals)…

…Now I’m somwhere in the 50 zone. I donate them as much as I can, but most I can’t bear to let go of, and I’m not even sample size. Most people that are sample size in the industry are in the hundreds.

just had to buy a Library to put along one entire wall cos the floor was covered, so bit of a slow evening last week allowing the annual count up of kicks ---- 46! Worse than a chick (so my mum says) but not as bad as Mickey! :laughing:
Im not a sample size either but living out in france allows me to cop a few steals… Not many heads up here and the taste kinda differs… I usually use the trends trips i carry out to Japan, barcelona, US etc to stock up on more of the leathery goodness…

…yo…what’s your foot size??? If it’s 11,5 i put myself in your donating list…


3 yrs ago I owned 346 pairs of shoes. Now having been in the industry for a couple years it has grown, an so has the types of shoes I buy. Used to be just basketball, but now it ranges. I am not sample size- but do get to wear test once in a while, so that gets me a couple pairs here an there. right now actual numbers not sure- but in my dorm I have 87 pairs. so in total over 400.

in NYC living an walking by stores where it says buy 1 get 1 half off- can get me kinda in trouble…



i just counted 49 pairs, most of which are my own designs. I have in addiion to my own, 1 pair of Jordan 19SE’s, Air trainer reisues in Green/ White, Cole haan oxfords, 3 pairs kenneth cole shoes and boots, a pair of Trippen boots…I’m sample size so if anyone wants to donate or make some trades for Sperry’s, I’m game

Dammit!! I guess there’s perks to being in shoe design.
I’ve got only 5 pairs :cry: :cry: :cry:
and 2 pair of flips

I get a new pair and I just wear them till there’s nothing left. Just got some sweet Puma Romas, the ladies seem to love em’

Not as many as some shoedesigners - probably about 50 - but that includes about 15 pairs of flip flops.

Yup, I’m a shoe designer - I have some beautiful designer shoes and I spend the whole of winter in ugly ugg boots and the whole of summer in $2 flip flops :laughing:

Me and my partner are buying a narrowboat to live on next year and that will mean some serious wardrobe (and junk) downshifting. We will have to get rid of about 70% of our stuff. I’m not quite sure how we are going to deal with this - it will probably take me a year to list it all on ebay!


I lost your email-recently. If you don’t mind sending me over a PM or email that be nice.



he has one!

seeing that kinda makes me feel bad about the 40+ sitting in my room in the states(and i am not in the shoe biz—but i hope to be)… but what can i do, i am addicted…

Can you guys post up pics of your shoes? I’ve never seen anyone own so many shoes, exapt in shoe stores.

yeah, that would be cool, actually it would be fun to see who’s come up with the most interesting way to store all these shoes.

Yo, I’d imagine yours are stored in the main wall of you livingroom. Which would work for someone with 50+ pairs, as it’s gotta take a very long time before any get stinky :smiley:

this is giving me a sweet idea!!

I’m gonna need moer shoes :laughing:

about 20-30

Actually just the opposite. They are piled closets, lying around the garage, in drawers in my desk at work… every once in awhile I’m like " cool, I forgot all about these" and I’ll put something back into the rotation. I have like 10 pairs I wear pretty regularly.

I don’t have as many, I didn’t have a regular job until late this summer. I did have summer jobs before that, but the money was saved for other stuff.

So what I have

  • Huarache runner(uncomfortable when I wear it for too long, causes irritation on the lateral side of my right foot)

  • KOBETWO (comfortable, but I don,t wear them outside lol they look like white bricks on my feet, but I bought them because I liked the design and wanted to see how it was built)

  • Air Max Tempo (I outgrew them, but the arch was killing me, it dug right under my foot. )

  • Jumpman FBI (They feel great in the beginning, but the cushioning is really hard. The strap was cool until it broke. My first shoe with a full-length inner bootie)

  • Air Max Chosen ( GREAT shoe. The air max unit felt great. One of the most comfy shoes I’ve owned. I played some sick games in those. They’re dead now)

  • Jordan IX low (The traction is horrible, and the cushioning is hard. I don,t like full length air units lol but they look good)

  • Zoom Turbine (I own the white colorway and they look great. The zoom air is incredible and the inner bootie makes the shoe super comfortable. I wear these most of the time)

I recently bought off ebay the Zoom challenge II (Agassi’s shoes) and the jordan XII low along with the Lebron II low in black as work shoes. I have a pair of Rockport that I wear at work, but I want something more comfortable.

I try not to spend so much on shoes since I want to buy other stuff as well, like a high quality tablet (probably an intuos3 6X8) and a laptop. I’m wiling to dish out money for certain pairs though lol

Edit: Copyboy- you’re in the print business?

Edit: Copyboy- you’re in the print business?

Kinda, I’m the FNG at our office, everyone else has sweet acer tablet PC’s and I’m still using the copymachine during concept development. It’s a joke that’s stuck, now I should be getting my laptop sooner or later, and I’m not sure what I’ll have to change my name too. :laughing:

as for shoes: I just got a sweet pair of ALDOs last night, euro-boot style :smiley:

i have about 60 pairs and growing :open_mouth: yea i know , i should develop a new hobby, but my love for footwear is just too big. :smiley: (especially classic nike 90’s - 00).

some classic nikes

some rare nikes

I just picked up a pair of these:

nice laser 4s Yo. How much you drop on those bad boys?