How many hats do and Industrial designer wear?

Does anyone feel that Industrial Designers now taking more than one hat? Product development, Interactive design, branding, POP, Packaging, Graphics, And even Marketing

I agree. but…… i used to work with a fellow industrial designer that believed he could wear every hat of the design trade, although he was quite good at multitasking, but only by talking out of both ends of this body at the same time.
His name was simon.

If you are a good designer and creative…i guess you can wear as many hats as you want…but if you suck…try getting better at just one…cause then you will end up doing a lot of shety work…


Good topic. It all depends on what realm of ID you go into. Some just need styling/sketching abilities. Some neeed much more like sketching, drafting, 3D modeling, CAD, graphic design, etc.

I personally find that a potision where I can wear multiple hads is much more exciting. The more hats that you wear well, the more you can impact the design process and quite potentially the further you can go. I believe that being versed in several design disciplines you can more easily converse with different types of people that also take part in the process.

But yes, I agree that is seems designers are being pushed into more than just “traditional” ID focueses.

…10 years ago it wasn’t unusual for a crossfunctional team to number 20 or more…a big team today is half that and requires each member to be crossfunctional…beyond all of the traditional designer roles i am now required to function in research, marketing, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and project management…doesn’t leave a lot of time to sketch, so i also contract with consultant designers as needed…