how many designers in your company??

Just wondering how many designer(ID)in a company normally,both cooprate and design consultancy:
I’m in midwest, consumer electronis area,2 Industrial designers out of 70 employees.


350 industrial designers + graphic designers, UI designers…

one industrial designer only in my small telecom companu,NJ

I work at a really small toy/candy manufacturer and am the only ID’er in house… but work with a bunch of inventors who have ID/Eng. backgrounds…

A little over 125 product designers, about 100 brand/graphics, UI designers, a little over 100 aparel designers and some video guys, so about 350 in total at this location where there are about 5000 employees total.

presently there are two. one is solely an id guy while i have always worked on the mech design and system layout, usually getting to have my fun wrapping it all up in a nice enclosure at the end.

until fairly recently, i was the only inhouse id. my old company was acquired by our competitor hence bring with them another id guy. and then there were two.

The last company I was with I was one of two in-house IDers.

In my current company, an ID firm, there are six full-time IDers, plus a couple of freelancers.


please tell us how many employee totally when you write number of IDers int your company.This might give everybody a clue that how important the IDer is in a comapny.