how many designers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

How many designers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

my answer…0. A designer would have some else screw it in, document the experience then design a fixture in which the bulb press-fits into the socket thereby doing away with wrist/finger twisting, test some more users, refine and do way with the entire screwing process altogether.

what do you think?

:open_mouth: ecellent discovery! :open_mouth:

I will do a rendering for you!.. - FREE OF CHARGE!!

what form of championmogrophycation do you dezire?

I am sure this idea will come in handy! I do , however, recomend a strategy for protection. You should, document your life-long efforts for one and all to see. I will afford you this task at a break-neack rate.

first, - a compleate rendering of said invention, Then, a constitution describing our agreement and per your request, a fabrication of a working prototype.

At which time, we shall circumvent the global manufacturing trend process by producing this one at my factory.

Lets make a few to tests and test the market.

I’m sure once a few of my developer freinds get ahold of theise ideas, we will want to produce all sorts of elements for this range of fixture.
I am sure, since they work on a global service scale, they will be highly intreagued at the propensation of such a device as qualified as this one.

I would loke to engage you further, however, I must be getting out of this place and into the next step of my agenda, I would like to talk to you
to further this discussion,


Ok, for this one - I will go ahead, free of charge…

Upon your request, all development will stp, and you will have complete creative control.

Lets get the thing to work.


Ok, so we have a working prototype… Excellent!!

It is fabulous!!!

So, I wish we had such a thing back in the day!.. wouldn’t it be great , just pop it in! We could have gotten everyone on board sooner,… It was just that screw it in problem… You know, not everyone had ladders in their house and the life of those bulbs were so short, too short, in fact my buddy once sold a whole china clipper, full of those bulbs over to olde new York. What a time it was, everyone was touched by the war, what with the 3 million dead and all, gee wiz. I guess we don’t make em’ like we used to,

That brings me to a new topic… how are those troops doin’ these days?

Here’s a concept for ya…

I have a question… do you think… the development of proper war equipment intended for utilization by&of the appropriate free world, is designed enough?.. has it been short-sighted? Are there after-thoughts involved? Is there anyone in the governmental offices who could hold a candle to the kind of creativity which enlivens and supports our comrades at the front lines of some of the most ferocious environs the world produces…?.. the world market?

But… wait…

Perhaps the world market is a cushioned insulated playground for the fortunate to claim their winnings, as the left over have nots, suffer from lack of proper marketing? Whichever way… I don’t mind…

Whichever way suits you… after all, in the intellectual world,… one mans diarrhea is another mans salad!

I do, however like to reach a Zen-conclusion, which gives me new purpose of being…
I think there is tremendous opportunity entombed within the sexual desire combined with manufacturing divided by the result of global - industrial - geo-industrial-transformation.

Yes, it is true that no one really knows what’s on the other side of geo-politics/business*ownership…
But heavens bless us all. I sure do HOPE it all works out, I just dont know who to belive.

Forgive me for being ironically stupid,

But, I do think - if designers were designers, we would be forcing General Electric, Boeing, and General Motors together to for some alliance beside the flag, to develop the proper tools neccecary to deal with the agenda in a more human - evolved way.

The elements exist, the prototype has been prototested… its time to sharpen the $%@##$%* axe!!

Hello, buddies… how about a debate, which dose more than compete?!

I tend to fall into the beliefs that we are all living in the dark ages again!

Develop = to create without destroying

golly all I wanted to do was see if I could get an interesting debate going. :open_mouth: you my friend have taken it to another level! holy crap man!
anyway, I find trite phrases interesting and even more so I find over used jokes with new twists that much more intriguing.
so here is another one.
a designer walks into a bar. on the left sits a duck. on the right sits a rabbi. the designer says to the rabbi, what the duck is he doing in here? the rabbi looks at the duck, the duck looks at the rabbi and the bartender says, can’t we all just get along? the designer stares blankly. the rabbi nods in confirmation to the bartenders response. the designer looks at the duck. the duck looks at the designer and says, what the duck you lookin at ya fuck? the designer asks, doesn’t anyone besides me find it peculiar that a duck is sitting in a bar? the duck asks, you got a problem with ducks?
long story short, designers just ask questions. questions make people uncomfortable. but sometimes designers can ask the wrong question at the wrong time.

btw, the idea about the light bulb isn’t so new. you can develop to your hearts content. I have been doing this long enough to know that without a sales mechanism and a supply chain channel all ideas, no matter how interesting are in fact a dime a dozen.

so go crazy my friend.

make light not war.

one to sell the proposal for how to screw it in
and one to screw it in after the proposal has been accepted and the terms negotiated

I think a designer would ask “why does the light bulb go out anyway?” For that my friends is the real problem.

L.E.D. is the new element, which proposes, loys of pop-in potentials