How many decisions did you make on your last project...


Hundreds, possibly thousands. Don’t know, never counted.

Define decision.

Pointed at concepted and it was tooled just the way I wanted it - 0

Effing with SolidEdge for hours to get that curve just right - hundreds

Thousands…per second…on life-changing matters…
And yet when it comes to choosing what to have for lunch it seems to be the hardest decision of the day.

haha Amen

I guess I would be interested in a little more definition to the question before trying to compose an answer.
So many things could be counted as decisions, but a much smaller (but still big) number would impact a project or end product in a truly significant manner.

Don’t know if it was thousands - but it was a lot on my last project. The real question is how many of them will be changed/undone/modified by the client before, during or after manufacture… and not to make the product better - cause it left me in mint condition or because anything was wrong - because it was beautiful. Just because occasionally, no matter how hard you try, once it goes to the Far East, things happen.