how many clocks do you have in your home

1 clock that was bought as living room decor that was later kidnapped by my wife for her alarm clock, 1 bought by my mother to replace the living room clock that ranks a little below decor in the aesthetic department. 2 other alarm clocks (guest bedroom and mine).

I set my alarm about 20 odd minutes off and occasionally hit the minute button to make it more randomly off, cause I was like…

total 4 clocks other than those build into other products.
3 are alarm clocks

Speaking of clocks, one of the first things I realised when I reached Japan was just how synchronised time was over here. Everybody’s wristwatch, cellphone, clocks in shops, train stations, tv stations. They were all set to the same time, off only by a few seconds. It’s not as evident here in Kobe, but over in Tokyo it was simply amazing.

I’ve always been irritated by how everyone’s time would be off by 5-15 minutes back in Singapore. It’s as though every little social setting had it’s own time zone. Even different parts of a military camp would be off by several minutes.

How’s the rest of the world like?

man that is big for HK, you must be in the NT’s i would guess.

none. as someone else mentioned, i have enough clocks on the tv, stove, microwave, cable box, laptop, watch and cell phone…

plus, since i work from my loft in my own business time isnt that important. i work when i need to, eat when i feel hungry and most of the time am in front of my laptop.

i’ve used my cell phone for an alarm clock for about 6 years now, in part because there is a dearth of nice alarm clock that actually could wake me up and look nice at the same time.

i did have one george nelson starburst knockoff clock i made in school from sheetmetal with an ikea mechanism for a while, but the ticking sounds drove me nuts.