how many clocks do you have in your home

not on the tv/microwave but the ones for decore.

One… that doesn’t even have a battery in it.

At least 7. Sometimes 2 in the same room. My wife has a thing about clocks. Drives me crazy, but thats part of the deal I guess.

2…an alarm clock and one one the mantle that I don’t think works.

we have one of those old felix the cat type ones, with the wagging tail, and I think a few that we still havent unpacked since we moved six monthes ago. so to answer your question 1, nonworking decor clock on the wall.

odd now that I think about it because we both really like clocks, we always stop to look at them at different stores, and buy them for other people as gifts.

crate and barrell had a really nice one for 80, it looked exactly like the one from ikea for 7 dollars, down to the cheap plastic it was made from…

5 clocks in my very small apartment…
3 are in ‘the same room’, but its basically two rooms in one, the layout is unique I suppose.
Visually it makes for a lot of clocks.
All different, all great looking designs.
I’m currently building a 6th clock where the face rotates, rather than the hands. I’m always keeping a keen eye out for more retro/vintage clocks with character.

The odd part is,
Every single one of the clocks is purposely set incorrectly, correctly in my book, all show a different time. My wrist watches too, or just without batteries. I don’t mean 10 minutes late to trick myself that I need to hurry… I mean randomly off- 7 hours 32 minutes, etc, 14 hours and 8 minutes, different month, different day, if possible- different year. I just blindly adjust them to whatever number pleases me when I plug in the clock for the first time.
It’s funny when people come over, they’ll look at a clock and jump up- thinking we’re too late to go to whatever thing we had planned to go to.

I think they’re excellent examples of beautiful ‘timeless’ design.


And they don’t keep me stressing out, looking over my shoulder.

My alarm clock is set on my cell phone.

My favorite clock is my block of wood with a plug coming out of it… always gets at least three sentences from guests.

I have two. One alarm clock and one on the wall. I should replace the one on the wall. My cat knocked it over and the metal edge bent. However, I can’t bear to toss anything in the dustbin, so it remains on my wall.

3 in total. All set 10-15min fast. That’s how my wife likes it I guess.

I never understood this. When I know, my mind always does the math when I look at the time.

I have 4 clocks, but only 1 is currently running - the “will return” clock. I also have one of those old big clocks that were used in old highschool classrooms. It has, as far as I can tell, no way of adjusting the time other than plugging it into an outlet at just the right time that the arms are currently set at. Needless to say, it’s not very convenient to set that clock.

on some older clocks, the bezel assembly is either removable or hinged to swing open, and the clock is set by moving the hands by, well, hand. yes?

none. there are clocks on the appliances, the cellphone, the cable box, etc. i don’t wear a watch because i’m left handed and it’s uncomfortable.

Alarm Clock
Guest Room Alarm Clock
Master Bath Wall Clock
Kitchen Wall Clock
Livingroom Mantle type Clock
My Studio Wall Clock
Wife’s Studio Wall Clock

… so 7

Zero, although I have been meaning for the last couple years to make one of those wood clocks like Taylor posted. Apart from that, we tell time by the stove, the microwave, the computer(s), the cordless phone handsets, the cell phones, or the Squeezebox. With all that around, a dedicated clock seems redundant.

Eddison- I remember those electric school clocks used to be synchronized to a central controller somehow (I remember sometimes seeing the time magically adjust itself), so unless you have that setup in your house, you presumably can’t set the time.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s one of those clocks and I remember them magically adjust itself as well. We should have all cheered (a la The Office screen saver episode) when it finally found the correct time. The clock runs when I plug it in - I just have to plug it in at the right time to set it, which means I need to set an alarm to remind me to get ready to go plug it in. I think all clocks should have a built in transmitter to get the current time and then just set itself once it is powered up, just like the analog clock on my Phillips/Starck TV.

3 in total. All set 10-15min fast. That’s how my wife likes it I guess.

Must be something about wives, man… Thats how mine are as well.

Yeah, even the clock in her car is set that way. Maybe she’s just trying to keep my basic math skills honed.

your wives?! I would think one would be plenty and we’re not even married yet lol

i do have an alarm clock. i set it wrong on purpose. say it’s 6 o’clock, i press the the FFD button a random length so it’s like 17 minutes off or some random number. this way i have to think about what time it is in the morning when it goes off. i never wake up the first time the alarm sounds. having to do the math makes me wake up a little quicker.

thanks all, seems 2 camps, clocks as decor and “other”…

I have a large Hong Kong apartment (1,250 sq ft) and 4 clocks, each in a different room. The one in the living room is set by my long-term partner and she has it set 5 minutes fast in order to try to make it to the apartment shuttle bus. My clocks are all set correctly. I feel the others pain.