How low will you go to get into design?

Would you work for a firm where you knew the boss was a jerk and an idiot at the same time?

Would you go and design snow-orbs and tourist-fodder?

Would you design adult toys?

Would you lie on your resume?

Would you subvert your friends who may have a good chance of getting the spot instead of you?


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My friend has been looking for work for a while and just turned down a job offer because he knows that he would not be happy working there. How long will it take before we go and get the low-lying fruit jobs or hang up our hats and go get a Wal-Mart apron?

I just checked out your site, John Marshall must have love your stuff!

I think for a first job, you have to go where they want you. I never lied in an interview or on a resume, I was brutally honest (people have told me I’m too honest). It took me awhile to find my first permanent job (freelanced for a year and half). It’s worked out well the last six months. My boss knew exactly what to expect from me, because I was honest.

I think I may have found something sooner if I’d lied, but lets face it, they would know quickly whether or not I had BSed and would have fired me in a New York minute.

As for a bad boss, I think I’d work there for awhile if the projects were interesting. That’s just me though.

I did toys for a year because I couldn’t get anything else - it was not my thing - but after a while you don’t mind it so much (it’s interesting - you sort of get used to something you don’t like that much) anyway, I got let go because I wasn’t that good at toys - then I looked for product gigs and found one where they were impressed with my toy stuff (most places wrote me off because I hadn’t done product, just toys - so it was like I didn’t have any experience at all - pigeonholed) but you just keep at it.

One thing I did learn from the toy thing was some great marker rendering skills and also, my boss went over what was good and bad about my portfolio and mailer before kicking me out - it turned out to be very useful.

I have gone on to do many other sorts of cool products which I think is cool because not many people are able to show slammin toy renderings in their portfolio next to slammin product renderings (so it was sort of a blessing, although it took a while for me to see it that way) - but when I took the job I was severely buggin (you picture yourself doing that for the rest of your life).

Instead of trying to hide jobs from friends I actually pass it to them. I got a call recently about a job and I knew the guys at the company, but I wasn’t willing to move so I gave them one of my friends web addresses knowing that he had a contract job that was almost over. He got the job and now my friend owes me a beer. If I know one of my friends is more qualified and they need the work more than me, I won’t even apply but will do my best to make sure they get it.

I was actually given the opportunity to design adult toys about two months ago.
I turned it down not because I have anything in particular against adult toys, but rather I have a problem with the extended adult industry of pronograpy that tends to go along with it. Could’ve been greta money though.

…good point about the adult toys and porn…the gaming industry is another…las vegas is this designer’s nightmare…my skin crawls just thinking about it…if not for ces and sema i would never go there.