How long will employer respond after emailing/mail portfolio

If do not receive any information from the company in 2 weeks, does it mean that they are not interested in you? Thanks.

YES. Now stop calling me.

Persistence pays off…don’t wait for them to call you back. Follow up with a call or email if you sent over some work…

got a related question here…

i want to send some portfolio work for the design manager/product development directors review regarding industrial design opportunities

i don’t know the name of the director there. it would be better of course to send the work directly to the hiring person (in design) by using there name. my questions are these :

how do you discretely ask the name of the design person responsible for hiring when you ring the company ?

do people hiring designers like to be called regarding submission of portfolios for review ?

is it o.k. to just send the portfolio in to the company/consultancy for the attention of the design manager and then ring back a week later to see if they received it ?

just wondering what your experiences and approaches to this are…

All you have to do is ask.

I’m not a fan of pestering employers after a job application or portfolio submittal. Despite what the books are saying, it rarely works and sometimes even leads to very poor matches. It may get you the job, but for all the wrong reasons, i.e. the employer is on the weak-kneed or spineless side and simply cracked for the most insistent candidate, not the best person for the job. Big difference. And it shows weeks or months down the road.

Most companies like a level playing field in this area, your work alone should do the job for you. When a firm really wants you they’ll hunt you down to the end of the earth. If you’re sitting fidgety by the phone all day, by all means call or e-mail to find out if the position has been filled, but not more. Two weeks is a lot for an immediate opening but nothing if the company is only prospecting the market, which a lot are doing to see if there are better candidates around. Idea is to get over your anxiety quickly and move on. It’s only a job, for G_d’s sake.