How long should I make them wait ?

I had handful of interviews for the past 2 months, some is okay companies, One is my dream job company.

As I am waiting for my dream job company to reply to me, I got offers from some of those " okay companies " I am broke and I need a job BAD. I am afarid if I don’t accept an offer now, I might not get my “dream job offer " afterall…
So… how long should I wait to accept “the okay offer”? one week? two weeks? Please help!

PS>“okay Companies” = those companies that pays well, but seems to be kind a bit boring and location is bad.
" Dream job Company” = great location ( London ), cool jobs, good benifits and good pay… and really, I dream to work there!

More than a week is rude and says that:
A. you really don’t want the job
B. you are seeing if one of the other companies will make you a better offer
C. Both A and B

My suggestion is to call up dream job company. Tell them you have 2 offers. You would prefer to work for them (since they are your dream) and would like to know where they are in the decision process… because you need to let the other companies know by the end of the week.

Don’t talk anymore about compensation. It appears from your post that you have that already resolved with all the companies.

Be honest… well slightly.

I was in a simialr predicament about 2 years ago. I had interviews lined up over a two month period. When I recieved an offer a week in from my first interview I told them I had honestly had other interviews to go to, I would then wait to see what offers I got from all of the interviews and make an educated decision. I told them I know it sucked but if I accepted they could be assured I would be there for at least 5 years because I was putting in the leg work now.

It just so happened that the last interview was for my dream job, after waiting two weeks and trying to hurry my dream job along, I declined the other guys… just business, they’ve been there before I’m sure.

It’s worse to accept a job, work it for two weeks, and then quit because you got an offer from your dream job, you get a bad rep that way and word usually gets around.

I told them I had honestly had other interviews to go to

This might have worked for you but there is always the chance that the company will say see ya and hire their second choice. The economy is still tight. They may have other good designers to choose from. Its really a risk to do this.

I would say that you dont say ANYTHING to the “okay” companies about other offers. No-one wants to be second choice. It won’t exactly inspire any confidence in your loyalty to them. Do ask if you can have 1 week to consider the offer and give them a date by which you will respond. For your “dream” company however you should talk to them about when they will make a decision and let them know what your situation is. Tell them you do have another offer however you really want to work for them and would like to be able to give the other company a response in a TIMELY manner so that they can look at other candidates who need jobs.

I think normally most companies take about 2 weeks to get back to you with a decision. If it has been longer than that with “dream” company, you may want to consider your alternative options…

Best of luck and I hope you land in a good place :slight_smile:

That’s right it is just business which is why I disagree with your last statement. As uncomfortable as it may be it is not completely wrong to accept a job and hear from another X days, weeks later and take that one. That is why companies have a policy of making you pay relocation money back if you don’t work for them for more than X months (usually 1 yr).

You have to be true to yourself. Push the decision off to some degree but don’t gamble on the dream job. Take the best of the rest and get on with your life. You certainly don’t be in a position were the dream job passed on you and you’re now back at square one interviewing with debt racking up and no income.

If the dream company sends an offer, kindly inform the first that you received an offer that you simply can not pass on. Emphasize things like direction you really want to take or proximity to family. Emphasize the positive; if the first firm is worth it’s salt it will understand. Nobody wants someone who would rather be somewhere else. If they have a problem with your choice or try and make you feel guilty you’re probably better off leaving anways, there are plenty of opportunities. They just may offer you more money to stay or worst case scenario they call up their #2 choice.

again, it is just business.

Two point perspective from a career columnist:

Yo’s perspective:


Funny thing is is that they mostly got the opinions of hiring managers. How many times have you applied to a job and never heard back from companies:
A. At all
B. After an interview
C. Within a reasonable amount of time

That kind of double standard that applicants are supposed to be extremely forthright while employers can play games, take their time, etc is B.S. People always talk about avoiding burning bridges so much so that many refrain from doing what’s best for themselves out of fear or guilt.

I still think honesty is the way to go, but I always did tend to get caught up in ethics.

For me it’s a great way to test the people you are talking with. If they can’t handle it straight, chances are they aren’t going to be good to work for. My last job search was during the low of the low, about 20 months ago, and being honest got me a job I freaking love. The offers I didn’t accept, they wheren’t happy, but I felt no guilt cause I played it straight.

On the flip side, I sat in an interview for a phenominal candidate. The person was a great fit, and my boss extended him an offer. A week later he accepted the offer. A month later we moved him out. On the first day of work he called up and said he would be accepting another position. There’s pretty much a little black mark next to that person’s name, you don’t do that to a fortune 500 company, they keep those records on file. Hope the other job was the dream job!

In the end, you got to run your show how you see fit. Do what you feel is the right thing for you in the long run.

And then pick the best offer. So i have nothing to lose.