How long should an interview take?

I had an interview last week which lasted less than 15 minutes, I felt I was sold way too short . I’m not fully aware as i’m a raw graduate and this was my 1st interview since the summer departure. Olther people I know said they should last 30-50 minutes, is this right?

My phone interview for internship alone was an hour. My friend who graduated had marathon interviews that lasted from 9 to 4…

If your interview was only 15 minutes rest assured you did not get that job. I have had interviews as short as an hour and as long as 5 hours. (Ironically I didn’t get the 5 hour job.)

It really depends on what you present, have to say and how many people you need to meet. You may get a tour. Hopefully your interviewer will tell you about the company. (If they don’t be sure to ask questions.)

If you feel that this wouldn’t be a fit don’t prolong the interview. Its a waste of everyone’s time.

So I would say 45 minutes minimum but more like an hour. It should take about 1/2 an hour just to go though you portfolio… unless you don’t say anything when someone flips through.

whohh! 9-4 thats 7hrs of nitpicking!

Also why didn’t they fully look at all of my portfoilio, they just kind of flicked through it for 2 minutes… missing out sleeves.

Wow, how much did they asked you within 15 minutes?
Maybe they are just a busy place!?
My shortest phone interview was 45 minutes, longest interview was 6 hours.

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they did’nt question me about any works in the portfolio sleeves, i was interviewd by two people, the man was telling me about the company profile and the responsibilites of the job posistion also asking about the techniques i’d learnt etc, whilst the women sat at the table conducting her 2 minute flick through before zip up… ?? sounds like i was ghosted

whohh! 9-4 thats 7hrs of nitpicking!

Also why didn’t they fully look at all of my portfoilio, they just kind of flicked through it for 2 minutes… missing out sleeves.

Maybe you had bad breathe?

Yeah, he told me that the interview was one after another, with all kinds of managers from ID to engineering to adminstrative. They showed him the place around and even went out to lunch together. So he said it was a tough day because you have to be on your absolute best and watch out for what you say all the time. Very stressful, but he got the offer.

You will need to give more details of exactly why you had this interview and who was at it to know what the 15 minutes mean.

I’ve had probably 100 interviews in the last two years, maybe more. They typically last 30-60 minutes. The first job I had the interview was about 45 minutes, the second job probably 5 minutes on the phone (however it was only computer modeling) and the third job about 30 minutes (25 minutes of me selling my skills to someone who only wanted a CAD jockey). I just had what I thought was a very positive 90 minutes interview and I didn’t get the job…so length doesn’t always tell you everything.

From my experience there are three types of design interviews:

  1. Designer à Designer: These are most often at consultancies. You are interviewing with a designer and they are often more like school reviews than interviews. You both discuss and nitpick each others work to see how everyone thinks and to see if you would fit in to their existing group. They are very fun, even when you don’t get a job.

  2. Designer v. HR: These are hideous. You are being interviewed generally before a second round of interviews with a designer. The person from HR knows nothing about design and really could care less about your portfolio. They just want to check some boxes off on a sheet. I’ve never known if I did well at these.

  3. Designer à company president or project manager who is not a designer and may have limited exposure to design: These are sometimes painful, sometimes very exciting. About half the time I get these they are someone who really wants a CAD jockey but didn’t advertise the right name. They think that marketing and engineering know enough about aesthetics to make decisions and it shows in their product. Sometimes you can start to wedge these people’s heads open, but often they will opt for the safe bet, ie CAD jockey who is retired to being just a CAD jockey. The other half are people who know enough about design to be excited about it. When you can communicate to them that you have a process for creative design, that really gets them excited.

If you had a 15 minutes pre-interview with HR, maybe it did go well. If it was 15 in the final interview with a designer…I would suggest redoing your portfolio, it sounds like there is something wrong with it. Consider yourself lucky enough to find that out on the first interview!

Good luck in your future interviews.

nice pontification , but frankly …15 minutes is a bad interview no matter how you slice it … unless of course you ended it …doesn’t matter if HR, a gearhead or the creative director interviewed you ! I’ve DONE over a hundred interviews in the last four years and 15 minutes is a very bad sign ! … sorry , but don’t blame the interviewer … one of three things is wrong here … (1) they really weren’t looking and gave you a courtesy visit (probably were too busy to review) …or… (2) as mr. pontificate said they were looking for a detailer not a creative …or… (3) god forbid, your stuff sucks or is just so melodramatically like every other kid coming out of ID school …

advise ? … take a hard look at your portfolio as well as ask the hard questions of the interviewer, BEFORE you go in … believe me it WILL make a difference … stress… time !

most places I went to, my interviews lasted all day and sometimes extended to 2-days. I had a schedule with the names of the people I would be meeting and for how long so…if you went to a 1hr interview that lasted 15 minutes then you may have reason to worry.

I realize you are new to this so please understand that 7 hour interviews are not nit-picking. You work with a lot of people as a designer and in those 7 hours you hopefully get to meet many of them and they all need to talk to you even if only brefly to if you are someone they can work with…a good fit for the “TEAM”.

You did not give us details of the interview so, could this be a preliminary portfolio review you thought was an interview??? Was it local, did they fly you in? Had you completed a phone interview before meeting with them? Did YOU present your work or did you sit there waiting for them to find something they were interested in talking to you about?? It just seems a little odd that they would take time to meet with you and then dismiss you in 15 minutes.

Have you heard from them since? Take an active approach to this and if they reject you, use it as a learning experience. Politely ask them for feedback. Where could you have improved in your presentation etc. Sometimes what we learn in school and what the real world is looking for are not quite the same. Ask the real world for help :slight_smile:

It can vary.
My first interview right out of school was a 15 min. courtesy. The place was way out of my league, I don’t even know why they brought me in. I could tell the guy was just tolerating me. Knowing what I know now, my work then shouldn’t even have gotten me a callback. I knew I didn’t get that job and the guy didn’t even call back or anything for the rejection. It was just that bad. But I was fresh outta school, didn’t really know how much I sucked, thought I could apply for a place like that. I laugh when I think about it now. I wish the guy was just straight forward and told me what was wrong because I obviously had no clue.

Now with experience, I’ve had a 15 that was just a first phase, “weed out the garbage” interview. Got called back in 2 days to come in and work (freelance) without even doing the 2nd real interview. My stuff showed enough for what they needed done. Also you get a little more leeway with freelance as opposed to f/t, less risky.

Another 15 min. one at another place, barely 15 if that. I got the work, turns out they really just needed another body. At that point they probably would’ve taken anybody semi-competent.

Same circumstances happened to a friend of mine. First time, she was just a body to take orders. Next time (15 min) got hired f/t, good position pretty much on the spot (but she was referred to that one, had inside connections).

Gotta go with your gut, did it feel like a good interview? Or did it seem like it was just courtesy and they were rushing you out the door?

Generally, I would assume a 15 min (for fulltime) means they just need anybody, you’ll just be a monkey, it’s a courtesy review (not always a bad thing), or you’re so good (or have inside connections) that it’s a no-brainer to bring you in, no questions asked. Most likely it’s one of the first 3.

Just keep it up, these first interviews should be considered practice.
Tip: Don’t go applying to your “top-list” place right out of school. Get a couple of interviews under your belt for practice. Might even want to work at some other places first that may not be so ideal, just for the exp. That’ll be better than going for your fantasy job completely unprepared and possibly ruining your chances of ever working for them. Good luck, you have an exciting road ahead.

my interviews normally lasts 2 to 3 hours if only meeting with one person. :laughing:

my interviews normally lasts 2 to 3 hours if only meeting with one person. :laughing:

my interviews normally lasts 2 to 3 hours if only meeting with one person. :laughing:

my interviews normally lasts 2 to 3 hours if only meeting with one person. Laughing

Does that include lunch?

nope. normally starts in the morning around 9 to 10 then finishs a bit before lunch hour.

if they show you around their work areas, that means that most likely, you got the job.

i was intervied by several levels:

hr then designer, then managers, then directors then the vp.

i’ve found that in the interviews where i was easy going, casual, yet knew what i was talking about, i was more successful and got the job. they’re usually looking for people who, aside from knowing the basics in executing the job, they can get along with or hang out with during happy hours. so if you’re a stiff, then that could be an obstacle.

good luck on your interviews!!!

if they show you around their work areas, that means that most likely, you got the job.

Its a good sign but lately I haven’t found that to be true.