How long on graduate wage?

Hey guys.

I have been out of uni for a year and working for a small manufacturer as an industrial designer/ design engineer. I do a lot of cad and reverse model clients ancient parts and design and model die casting tooling which we cut in house to be cast at our foundry. I do some sketching and apply standards to new parts I design, but have only designed a few products for our company.

My question is, how long is the usual stint of graduate wage? I am on a wage just above what my girlfriend gets for admin work and I have a degree in Industrial Design. I’m not sure if I should be getting a substantial pay rise this year because I have never been in this situation before, but I need more money. I’ve just turned 30 and have zero savings and am finding it hard to pay off the debts I accumulated at uni let alone the car I had to buy to get to work.

There are jobs out there which pay $10,000-$25,000 more than I am getting, but I don’t know if I have worked in the field long enough to pursue them. I also feel bad about jumping ship after one year, but need to think of my future.

Any suggestions?

Talk to your boss. You probably would not be around if they didn’t like you. Don’t go in demanding a raise or anything, but it’s important to be honest about your situation and maybe you could have a serious conversation about your future. Nobody will be able to tell you how long this will last. It’s all up to you to develop yourself and move on.

I would definitely talk you your boss, in parallel I would start to explore other positions. Is doing reverse CAD work the kind of work you want to do?