How long more for Rhino mac version?

The osx page doesn’t seem to have any specific date or month or even year for when Rhino will be available commercially… Anybody have a clue as to when it might be out?

Ive never used the pc version but the mac-beta version seems really intuitive and easy to use…

I thought it was already out? Its been in beta for years.

I wish Pro/E was on the Mac - would make my life a lot easier. Someday it could happen but I’m not holding my breath

greg, Ive used Pro/E on a Mac. runs fine only in windowz for mac

My wife’s a graphic designer & I’m getting her a mac for home and I thought I might as well get Pro/E on there also. It would just make the whole set up easier if we could run everything from the mac os.

i tried to register for the iRhino, but i don’t think they want students to beta-test…can anyone confirm?

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 6:50 pm Post subject:
i tried to register for the iRhino, but i don’t think they want students to beta-test…can anyone confirm?

i’ve been using the beta version for about a year now and i’m a student. anyone can sign up.

whats taking so long… beta should only last a quarter at most… they must not be very serious about it or the market is really small. Any ideas?


èPhase 1: Rhino 5.0 Work-in-Progress - (at least 6 months) - Download
èPhase 2: Rhino 5.0 Beta - (at least 6 months)
èPhase 3: Rhino 5.0 Final - Release projected to be in 2010

This is the usual development time in McNeel. Its a serious development.
I dont know where did you read that a beta should be developed in 3 months.
In the meantime students and professionals can use the software for projects at school and in comercial projects.

Above is Rhino 5 development, but its similar in the mac version. Mac version development is Rhino 4 until Rhino 5 is more mature.

Rhino for mac

McNeel policy is to release software when its done and not before.
We dont have release dates deadlines to hurry up things.
We preffer to release software when our beta testers (you) tell us that it is ready.


Facundo Miri
McNeel Seattle.

Forget Rhino and get Alias, now runs native on MAC platform!!!

$1000 VS $4000

Rhino for students is USS195.
Rhino for mac is in development and is free.
Both can be used in commercial projects.
Rhino for students is the same as the commercial version with a special discount for students. It doenst expire in any way.
Alias with similar functions doesnt cost uss4000. it cost about USS20000.

I have a hard time finding prices for Alias other than educational or directly from Autodesk (where the 4000 came from). I’ve been meaning to dive deeper in Alias for awhile so let me know…

If you are a Rhino user definitely read the FAQ on the website, buying the student version will save you down the line if you plan to continue use/upgrade a personal license down the road.

I’m currently giving iRhino a try and it’s going pretty well.