How long it will be? Help...

In July, I applied a positon that I interested very much. In August, I was informed by HR person for an interview with the design manager. The interview has been done through the phone and it went well, I think. Then I got a design brief to do. It seemed like a test. I tried my best to finished the brief and send to the manager. He replied me that he hoped to give me feedback in two weeks, because he also had a manager to report.
By the end of the second week, I got no reply. I called the manager. He told me that my work had been reviewed by his manager but no decision had been made yet and he would feed me back as soon as possible when he got the decision made by the company.

I understand big company may take longer time. But, how long it will be? I really love this job, which is so perfect for me. But I also need to work ASAP and I could have other opportunity you konw. So, I need your suggestion. Should I still wait more couple of days or…? Many thanks!

Calling them a week after your last correspondence seems reasonable… Just let them know that you’re entertaining another offer but that you’d rather work with them if possible.

Nicely letting them know about deadlines even works sometimes, as in, “I have an offer that I will accept on the 30th, so if I were to be offered a position with your company it would have to be before then.”

If they’re serious about you, they’ll make the offer. If not, take the other job and it will be their loss. Try not to count on anyone but yourself in this situation.

Best of luck!

Took me about 3 months to get hired. Just keep a periodic correspondence and hopefully it works out. You can try the deadline thing, but sometimes them having a crappy HR person or someone important being out of the office on vacation might be the reason it’s a problem.

Or they landed a huge rush project that has everything else on hold for a bit. I know that happens at my office frequently.

Thank you everyone. Suggestions from you are very practically useful.

I did send an checkin email to the manager the day before yesterday. I told him that I must have the answer soon. Then I got the info as following:

“We have had several discussions about this role over the last few weeks. We have also recently had a change of roles at senior management level at XXX, this has now led to a change in direction for our design recruitment. As such we will not be recruiting a Product Designer at this time, this position has been put on hold until next year.
I thought your presentation was very good, especially the market research and your style/trend/colour directions. It was very easy to understand. Your concepts were interesting and used the research well…”

Do you think will they really hire people next year?

Oh man, brush offs always suck.
If I were you, I would try to take the compliments with a grain of salt and not hold your breath till next year.
Chalk it up as an experience and good luck on your job hunt.
From the sounds of it you interview very well.

TOTALLY AGREE! Many thanks!