How long is someone's career in ID?

Hey all, I was just wondering how long the average person in ID’s career is…I heard it’s like 10 years before getting burnt out…is that true?

Not if you’re good.

If you’re just a design monkey you won’t last long. 7 - 10 years.

You have to be flexible and adapt to changes in the field.

ID just like a product evolves. You have to evolve with it. The moment you think you know it, you’re done. Then you start looking for something else, many turn to teach others. Others, start their own companies and the others quit.

33 years and counting for me but I am so above average.

I think if you are smart you get out of it as soon as you have a good opportunity. I’ve seen some of the most successful people go on to management, start their own company, or even move on to a move lucrative field such as UI design.

almost 8 years for me with no end in sight. Not burnt at all, not even a little crispy, in fact I feel like I’m just getting the hang of it and having more fun than ever with it… maybe I’m just slow… :open_mouth:

Frank Lloyd Wright was sketching up until he was hospitalized and died several days later at 91… of course he had some other problems

Going on 7 yrs. strong. Always improving, learning, and gaining valuable experience. I’d say I’m in the sweet spot right now, not too new and not too used. I’ve got a few design monkey years left then its on to management.