How long have you waited for a hiring decision?

I am curious, is it because it’s the end of the year and the companies don’t want to make the hiring decision till Jan?

I was told from one company that they were gonna bring me in. After talking to the HR about my salary range, haven’t got an answer from them yet. The manager told me to be patient. It has been 3 weeks and counting now. Do you think I’d better just wait till the next year and find out?

How long do you guys normally wait to get an offer after an interview? With a corp?

Thanks and happy holidays.

I am sure it is vastly different from companies…to companies.
BUT, my experience has always been no more than a week…
If they want you, they should not make you wait THAT long. ( 3weeks sound like way too much.)

They still might be interviewing some other candidates and comparing you with others…I don’t know your whole situation but I would make sure
what’s going on…
It also depends on the size of corp. If it is one of those multi-international corportaion type, the hiring process is even quicker that is ONCE they decide to hire you. I got an offer exactly a week later after an interview.
It always comes down to whether they really wanna hire you or not.

Contact them again and if you don’t get an answer right away, then, forget about it… move on.

You never know. I have had situations where they call me the day after the interview and want me to work the following week to not hearing from a company over a month after the interview and then get an offer. I think sometimes when a company take a long time to hire someone they don’t need the person currently but are planning to need the person sometime in the near future.

I’d say about 3 weeks. After 2-3 weeks you should call it quits. Chances are they’re hired someone else, or changed their minds about hiring alltogether.

I applied to a job in november. At that time they told me they wernt hiring. I applied again when I saw a posting on coroflot. They then told me to do a project for them (small project showing sketching, 3d and modeling). Anyway, the jist is that I didnt get hired till March. Thats quite a while if you ask me, but it just goes to show…