How long does it usually take to find a job?

This is my first post ever :smiley: Hi everybody!

I graduated from college in May with a BFA in graphic design. I did the job search thing for a little while before that and got offered 2 internships (20/hrs a week each). I took them both. They are both ending in a month, and I’m planning on going to my parents house for a month or two after that to find a real job.

Any idea how long it usually takes to find a job? Any ideas how I should go about finding one?? Whats the best approach? I’ve had a few internships during college, the two that I’m working right now, and I think a decent folio…


any ideas anybody?

I’ve always been told the average is six months.

well, its 4 for me so far…

It took me just under 9 months to finally get another job offer after being laid off in 2003.

It depends on alot of factors really, such as, do you have a door portfolio? Do you have releveant experience (the internships help)? How dedicated are you to finding a job? How many jobs are you applying to? Is your search limited to local jobs, or are you willing to relocate? Are you able to conduct yourself in an interivew? How narrow is your search?

The broader and more intense you are with your search, the higher the likelyhood that you’ll find something faster. In all honesty, to find that first job you should be no-holds-barred in accepting it and being very open minded, once you get the right experience it will more than likely get easier.

Salesmanship has never been my strong suit. Would companies still hire me even though I have no ability bs my way through if I show good work?

Design is such a competitive profession and it’s so much harder to get a design job than so many others. So salesmanship is really important.

From my experience it’s been a lot more important if you’re persuing a company independently or responding to an ad. However, if you’re responding to an ad that says position open ASAP, it’s a lot easier to get an interview… and then if you show good work, you might make it.

It’s important to be a little bit of a salesman. It took some effort for me to get those skills too, but now its a lot easier for me. You’ll start to enjoy bragging about your work :smiley:

BS. I found a highly paid Sr Design job in 1 month. The only time when u really need good salesmanship is if you’re design skills are lacking.

I’m looking too and it’s taken me two months so far. If you’ve just graduated, you should totally tap into your school, esp. if it’s in the same area as where you want to work. I would hit the career services office.

kass, consider yourself fortunate. I know some designers who are amazing and are having a hard time finding something, so I think it takes more than design skills.

And how exactly did you get that job? Networking? Job Boards? Cold calls?

I find it absurd to make such a claim.

it depends what the market is like where you live. i lived about 30 minutes from the nearest larger city when i was job hunting post-graduation and it took me a year. best of luck!

…make a list of everyone you have met during your internships, at uni or otherwise and start calling…if they have no leads ask them for the names of two others they know who might…you are only 4 people removed from you first professional gig…how long it takes for you to find them is up to you.

It’s been 8 months for me so far. I’ve been looking all over with emphasis on the Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee areas. Since starting my portfolio has had two revisions, I’ve re-sketched one project, I’ve redone my web-page, and I know I haven’t done nearly enough. I’ve been hearing a lot of appreciation for my interest and descriptions of future plans for my “information” (mostly the intention to keep it “on file”). A few interviews along the way.

I’ve put together a digital portfolio, and I really wish I had thought to do so sooner. It’s attached to an e-mail draft along with my resume. PDF is the best fomat. So I’ve been sending my portfolio off to everybody I can find who does the type of work I’d want to do. That’s a lot of people because I know I don’t have enough lines on my resume’ to be overly picky.

Wishing I’d pursued more internships when I was still in school.

You would be surprised how often “fit” trumps salemanship.
If you do get hired you will be spending a lot more time in the office than with your family. It helps to have skills, but Ill take someone I can stand over a great portfolio. A lot of people dont want to hire someone that is better than they are either. You would think the opposite would be true but it doesnt seem to work that way.