How long after graduation did you find a job?

Well… I would really love to know…
I’m scared.

It took a new portfolio, belief in myself and a lot of prayer. After that I found a job three months after graduating. Been there ever since.

Trust me hard work pays off. If you believe in yourself the right company will too.

Hope this helps.

6 months, and it was doing mcdonalds giveaways. I was there for a year and then got into product, but of course I am supreme illegal ninja designer, so my story is probably not typical. Whether you think you will succeed or fail, you are probably right.

Did some freelance for companies I networked and interned with while in school for 2 months while I built a better portfolio. Spent the 3rd month sending out resumes and catagory specific mailiers (based on firm’s focus). Sent out 53 to be exact. Spent most of the Last 2 weeks of the 3rd month interviewing. 2-3 interviews a week. By the middle of the 4th month I had accepted an offer as well as a new freelance gig from one of the other firms I interviewed at.

That was Sept. 2002, and I have taken 3 job offers since then. Always moving up. First move recieved a 70% pay increase, the second move I negotiated and recieved double what the previous was making. All with out ever moving cities, actually the first and the thrid possitions are only 3 blocks apart. 3.25 yrs out and pulling in 75k with full paided health, life, disability, dental, optical, flex time, and 4 weeks paid vacation a year in midwest but not Chicago.

2 years, but then i’m picky and was limiting my search to my home city so it was a small studio job, after that I expanded my search out of my home city and found something after 6-8 months of freelance, now it’s a fun ride :slight_smile:.

I freelanced on and off (mostly off) for 6 months before landing my first full time gig.

Don’t be affraid to take the really shitty jobs to get the good one. If someone offers you freelance take it even if its not for a lot of money. when I graduated I got a job with a pretty nice corprate company as freelancer. A year later I was laid off and had to find anouther job. I took alot of crappy freelance jobs for a while and the landed a great job doing package design for a large corprate food company.

I guess all Im saying is if you believe in yourself and you believe you can land that great job than you will. You just need to do everthing for it and that includes staying in the design comuity (IDSA meetings, Freelance jobs, etc…).

Good luck

I graduated in may and got a job after four weeks. I flew around for a while interviewing at different places and a couple phone interviews during that time.

I think it’s important to review your work thoroughly and make sure you get feedback from others. Sometimes you’ve seen your own stuff too long you might need someone else to point out the obvious flaw.

Everyone is different though keep in mind. Some of my friends are still looking for jobs. But, I think experience pays off. If you can find a solid job that offers you the opportunity to grow and contribute take it.

Don’t just take a job… any job to have a job unless that’s all you plan to do with your career. I know financial obligations sometimes decide how long you can wait - but I say be patient and really put everything behind your presentation. You don’t want to be walking away from a potential job thinking you could’ve done something more…

Good luck to you - I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

60 days. I answered an ad in the Chicago Tribune.

The wierd part of my first job was my boss (Design Manager) quit after I was there for one year and they gave me the job. Stupid luck. I leveraged that job into a better job with another company a year later.

Appearances become reality after a while…

One word,

Luck is always good! I got my first job just before graduation. One of my teachers new a former student that was the director at a new company. The Director judged my merit award competition ( I lost to my friend ) and liked my work better. So I was hired, and the new company had two designers.

In a similar experience to you, the Designer that hired me left the company two years later. I was offered his position. Alsmot thirteen years later I am still there working to grow the company. :smiley:

I am from London, with an American visa and moving to the US, graduating at the end of the academic year. I have some internship experience with 2 known firms, will that help me land an interview? Do they like diversity in the US?
Is being a woman a plus in the industrial design business?

What if my folio is just ok… is there no room for people who are ok? or good but not amazing in this business?

Being a girl coming from another country who requires a VISA sponsorship in order to land a job…
It took me 3-4 months to find a company has the capability and willing to offer the VISA sponsorship last year. ( I had three internships pior to my first employment )
It seems to me that things are getting harder after 911 and the raising unemplyment rate in this country. Depending on what position you are looking for, I don’t see being a female makes a bigger statment than having a great portfolio.