How It's Made: Hyperfuse

definitely interesting to see part of the process. the hyperfuse tech description describes it as three materials fused together, but this definitely shows a little more of the process and shows how complicated it actually is…at least from my perspective.

if anything, it further exemplifies the direction that good design has gone. to some extent, successful design has been aesthetically pleasing, but the real innovation has come from the development of how we interact with the product, how it’s built and what new materials and processes it creates. the traditional construction of shoes has stood the test of time, but it’s just so damn cool to see that there are new ways to make the same thing. it makes me wonder, did the tech come before the shoe? i mean, did the tech come from the necessity of a lighter shoe specifically, or did was the tech something that was created, and then later on applied to the shoe? did the designer design the tech to go hand-in-hand with the shoe, or were there different designers who designed the tech and who designed the shoe? ah to be a fly on the wall…that lived for 5 years to see ideas become reality.