how is this super model guys ???????

hi i tried my hands for the first time ever on sculpturing this concept car . …

would like toknowifits ok or ugly ?
would like to know if this kind of work is decent enough to be put forward for transportation portfolio…

iam a civil engineer who wants to get into transportation design although

It really looks like shit dude, but it`s not so bad for a beginer i think you should practice more on diffrent materials and try to make a sketch and bulid your model after the sketch. You will advance and get better if you practice alot.

Take care, Dude

Before you talk about ugly, talk about craftsmanship and technique.
Start with the right clay, the right tools and the right level of finish detail.

Look at the clay models on this site coming from art schools. This reflects the level you need to be at professionally:

Here’s a discussion thread for clay modeling:


For someone not from an arts background, I think this is pretty damn good.

Advice: Take a sculpture class at a local school. I’m not familiar with the education system of India, but there must be somewhere you can take an art class cheap. This will give you the basic techniques of working with clay and other materials that you can’t learn very easily on your own.

After that, get your hands on the real automotive clay. It might be hard to get it in India though. I know here in Canada it is not available widely, and more expensive than other clays. I’ve seen it used though, and the difference is huge. Also, the real auto designers cover their clay models with a thin film that gives the appearance of paint, versus your model which appears quite rustic.

As for design, try sketching a few more cars before your next model. Try drawing lots of existing models and try figuring out what works and why. Taking some courses in design would help too.

Keep us updated!

you should probably consider sticking with concrete and earth works.