How is the reputation of Asian ID schools to the world?

Hi guys i need your help suggestions.
I’m from Thailand and really want to change my career from advertising to product designer. i’m planning to go study aboard but i’m surely can not afford the school cost + living cost in UK. I’m not sure about the cost in USA and AUS so i’m also finding the Asian ID schools such as in China or Korea. Is anybody have any recommendations about the schools? i’m still concern about the job after graduate. Which school has a good reputation in ID and support student to get a good jobs worldwide?

You can find the best design program in Asia from the below website:

Funny, I was just having a conversation with another design director and we were talking about schools. The funny thing is that if you look at most job postings they ask for a 4 year degree or similar… technically you don’t even have to go to school, it is all about what you bring to the table as a designer.

I would select a school on whether or not you feel confident that you can learn the necessary skills there to get you in the door. School rankings do not matter in the design industry. Their is no equivalent of the Harvard Business School in design… reputations and rankings only matter to magazines, potential students, and art teachers.

That’s exactly what i also believe. What’s in my head is the most important thing that will makes the design company hire me or not. But since i didn’t know how to start, i want to study in the good and have well reputation school because i hope, at least, they have a good course that can exercise my skills and attitude. Anyhow, Thank you wangxc2000 and yo. I always appreciate your answers.