how is The Academy of Art U?(plz check out my portfolio)

anyone can tell me about this school? is it good? help~~~~~ :wink:


I’m currently a student at AIOC. Of course like all schools there’s good and bad. I started at the school when the ID department first started. The program and facilities have grown since then. Now I see the freshman coming in and look at their projects and wish I could have had such cool projects.

Now for my recommendation, if you’re working full time and want to pursue a degree in Industrial design, AIOC is accommodating. If you’re in high school and looking for schools in Southern California I would Recommend Art Center or California State University Long Beach. They have better facilities (junior and senior studios) plus they have an alumni association that’s well placed (future internships and job opportunities).

I choose AIOC because it was close and it had a program that I could get in and out of with good work.

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions just ask.

many thanks to your replyi really appreciate that. i’ve applied for ACCD and CCA, waiting for their response.
besides AIOC, i’m also accepted by Academy of Art University. i remerber Yo said AAU is one of his best choices in the topic" Industrial Design Schools: Opinions and Questions", i wonder which aspect of industrial design it’s specialized in?
would Yo kindly answer my question when you see it ??
waiting for your reply
~~ and if anybody knows anything about these schools, give my some advice~ thanks a million!

I know the Academy of the Arts in San Fran is a great school; I actually have a friend who went there and enjoyed it. As to what it specializes in you can find that information on their website I assume.

My suggestion is if you have time to go visit the schools, Take a look at the student work which most likely is displayed around campus, next check out their facilities, do they have a cafeteria, dorms, machine/wood/foam shops. Do they have junior and senior studios (this comes in real handy). Next I would talk to some students, see what their take on their school is. Strengths, weaknesses.

Many a times if you call a head to request a tour of the campus, you can ask to be hooked up with a student for lunch or a short question and answer session.

Hope this helped.

thank you VDH, it really helps~ i do wanna take a campus tour, but i am currently in China, and i won’t go there till May or June. So maybe i can do it then. Actually, i am waiting for the I-20 from AAU to get the visa. my agency tells me, if ACCD accepts me later after i get the visa, i can go to Art Center instead.
there’s a little worry whether i can do well in these great schools, i believe the competition is extremely firece and the courses are intense.
Well, i’m sooooooo looking forward to studying there!

AS long as you have a passion and the ability to grow, you can make it at just about any school; just remember you get out what you put in. Best of luck getting the visa, I’m sure it will all work out great. If you are here in June and want a tour of the AIOC campus just leave me a PM or a note here and I’ll show you around.

Just remember for ART center and some of the other schools you need a portfolio to get into them.

you are really kind!! i’m currently a sophomore in China,which year are you? it’s just sooooo nice to get advice from a US student!~

the AIOC assistant director of admissions contacted me last week, said they loved my portfolio,they accepted me even they hadn’t recieved my transcripts or toefl score! i’ve sent it to 4 schools, and i really wanna get some feedback from other 3 schools. i wonder how the US students or professionals say about my portfolio… i know it isn’t good compared to you guys… :unamused:

First rule, don’t play your stuff down, even if you think your work isn’t the greatest, own it.

Is your portfolio online? If so post a link so I can check it out. As for me I’m graduating over the summer.

i’ve just uploaded my portfolio, check it out :

i’ve been afraid of getting criticism, but not any more, i know it’s the only way to improve myself. so please point out my weaknesses, and give me some advice~ VDH, you’ve been so nice ,thanks again.

I am a senior ID student AAU. Overall, AAU is a pretty good school. There is more emphasis on skills and tools learning than on problem solving or aesthetics (not always good). The shop and computer labs are large and nice. The location is fun and beautiful. It’s less expensive than most private design schools but much more than public shools.

Your portfolio is a good start. I would like to see more models (Computer and physical) and more thought process shown. It seems like you have the talent to draw, more practice and classes will make it better.

Good Luck