How is Syracuse University's Industrial Design program?

Any thoughts?

I work with a number of SU grads, SU was actually my #1 choice when I applied to schools but my portfolio slides got ruined so I wound up getting deferred to engineering and decided not to go.

I think they have a very respectable program, though keep in mind upstate NY is winter 9 months out of the year. The fact that I didn’t want to freeze to death is a legitimate reason why I went to school in VA. :smiley:

SU seems to be consistently pretty good. It seems to get really good if they happen to have a class with a bunch of talented people. Looking at the folios from there, though, the work seems a little dated, they are still thinking in terms of single objects, and not how they contextually tie to culture, design history, brand experience, and product collections. At least that is based on some of the portfolios I’ve been seeing. UC seems to just tackle that stuff more, CCS seems to be catching on as well.