How is NABA in italy?

Is it good?
I can see no one talk about this school here but agents around me said that it’s a really good one. I never heard that before so i need some comments :wink:


I went there and I do not recomend it at all. Those agents are paid by the number of students they get to enrole. The product design department is a joke. There have been a number of times teachers dont bother showing up. One of our teachers didn’t show ups for three strait months and the school didn’t seem to worry about it. I went to see a bout an internship and they had only one for the whole design department (it was to design womens bags). There excuse was that the head of the placement department really only had contacts with fashion design firms.

The overall quality of students is low, there are a few that are good but as I said they are few. The laboratory is a joke either you work in wood or plexiglas. They provide no materials other than wood. Forget about 3d printing.

I could go on and on but its pointless. I would reccomend going to a school outside of Italy mainly because the schools are better and there seems to be a lack of professionality here.

Thank you very much for your opinion.
It’s weird since they don’t need any port folio to be part of application. But my agent let me look in their website and it’s looked good to study there.

Anyway, does anyone else has any other comments?
where else will you recommend? i’d love to search for thier info for make a decision.

Thank you very much